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Im a ficaholic whose casually failing life and death, oh and im just laying back and watching the world burn around me!

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Right...so if you for whatever reason are reading this, guess im supposed to introduce myself. I go by Yanagi have for a few years now, almost since i first started reading fanfics, i love the concept of fanfics and read a probably unhealthy amount of it. The fandoms ive been reading most are 1. Harry potter, 2. Naruto, 3. BNHA 4. Marvel and 5. Dc (with some good old star wars thrown in now and again). Every few months i try to create a story out of my many many daydrea- ideas that come from the different fandoms and you could probably always find me with reddit open on at least on tab. I like making oc’s but im not the greatest at that. Most of my life is spent making theories of almost anything of various degrees of possibility, like how the city i live in was founded by a Helsing. Oh! And i play DND!!!! Anyways this is the resident crackpot theorist and clinically insane european signing off!

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