How do ranks work?

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Ranks allow you to proudly display your participation in the community. Each rank level is increasingly harder to get, and earns you bragging rights. Additionally, those with higher ranks will more often be noticed and listened to by the author.

There are three sets of ranks: Civilian, Shinobi, and Kage.

Civilian is the basic rank, and upon making an account, you immediately are awarded the Traveler Civilian Rank.

Shinobi Rank is currently disabled and will be explained later on.

Kage rank is for authors only, and are extremely hard to rank up. Each requires an extreme amount of Yōkai and are meant to be a way to display dedication as authors. (More will be explained later)

This FAQ will only explain the first couple of Civilian ranks, if you wish to read more about them, the ranks for civilians can be found here.

The first rank you earn is Traveler, and is equivalent to being a “noob” on the website. Upon setting up your account (profile picture, background picture, and description), you will immediately earn the House Owner Rank. This shows that you are at least not dead. Neither of these ranks are ones you want to stay at, being the very basic levels.

The next Civilian Rank is Farmer. It requires 800 Yen to earn, which can be gained by reading chapters and commenting on them, rating the post, and favoriting it if you liked it.

If you have discord, you can read the FAQ about linking your Website account and Discord account to have your ranks sync with the Discord server and be displayed there in chat.

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