How do chapters work?

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There are four different types of chapters, and they are created in a certain order. Each new version will replace the older version. Example: Chapter 7, Rough Draft 3 is refined and will be replaced with Chapter 7, Draft 1

Rough Draft

When the author writes a brand new chapter, it’s posted as a “Rough Draft.” This means it will have bad grammar, and not everything has been entirely thought out. This version of chapter can have multiple versions, aka, Rough Draft 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Chapters can change drastically during this stage. Comments are extremely appreciated as it helps the author refine the chapter.


At some point, the author will go back and solidify the rough draft, this could happen anywhere between a week, or six weeks later. Drafts are more refined versions of a chapter, and from this point forward the chapter is highly unlikely to change drastically.

Comments are still extremely appreciated on these.

Release Candidate

This is the last chance for people to give their thoughts and catch any major issues in a chapter. Chapters on this stage won’t stay like it for very long, less than a week in most cases.

All this version signifies is that it’s almost finished. Some minor changes may be made.

Final Release

The Chapter will be run through a grammar program (Grammarly), and then rigorously examined for spelling errors and bad sentence structure by the author and Beta readers.

All comments and submitted revisions to the chapter at this point will be fully reviewed if they haven’t been already.

Then the chapter is posted, and left alone. It won’t be edited until the book is finished, where there will be one last review of the entire book by the author.

Revisions applied to a Final Release will be looked at in this final stage, and may or may not be accepted. Small grammar mistakes, consistency throughout the book, and other such minor things will be addressed at this point.

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