Takumi Yamazaki

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Given name/Nickname









Has hazel eyes, static blue hair in an unkempt appearance, is 5’7” in height, and weighs 150lbs. He wears mostly black with a little white and gray. He wears the standard shinobi sandals, blue jeans, a white mesh combat shirt, and grey jacket with multiple decorative designs. He also has combat boots, fingerless gloves, white hakama pants, and a mesh shirt underneath his jacket. Finally, he wears goggles and a respirator mask to intimidate his foes.


He appears as a calm and collected individual that shows little emotions, although he is sometimes seen smirking or grinning. Both in and out of battle, he is calm, cool, and calculating, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. He apparently also holds a fondness for literature and the humanities, which is noticed in his manner of speech when speaking to others. Although somewhat serious most of times, he does have a lighter side to him and tends to socialize well with others. Although he doesn't understand jokes too well.


Water, Fried Veggies with rice, and Chicken


Any alcoholic beverage, needless death, and arrogance


The Raikage (Due to said Kage using him and his Clan as weapons)

Kumo's wrath (Should he have no choice but to betray them for his clan)

Killer B (Due to him being a powerful Jinchuriki and Kumo's most powerful soldier)


Likes to play strategic games to pass the time


Tends to sneak candies/treats around from time to time


November 5th




Born into the Yamazaki Clan, a recent new addition to Kumogakure, Takumi was raised to become a powerful Shinobi for Kumo to utilize. Although initially upset that he’s considered more of a tool, he hides this disappointment by making “funny” impressions on others (and to avoid the Raikage’s wrath/suspicion). An example is him sneaking candies and his low ineptitude for jokes. Nonetheless, he cares (albeit slightly) for his village. However, should his clan ever be under threat, he will prioritize them first. Damn the consequences.


His Clan (loves his family which are a part of his clan which means his clan is considered family/friendly)

Omoi (due to their mutual like of candy and

Samui (called him "cool" due to his abilities once when watching him train. Since then, he has had a slight crush on her)

Karui (met when the redhead challenged him to a fight and see if he was "Kumo Material." He won, and thus gained her respect)

Yugito Nii (considered to be like an older sister due to his clan and her being considered nothing but weapons to Kumogakure)


The Raikage (more of a grudge than anything)

Killer B (due to his annoying rapping and slight bullying of his clan)

Anyone who threatens his family/clan

Love interest



Himself & his Clan


Mid Chunin


Requests/Extra notes

Possible pairing with Samui?


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Able to use Yin Nature Release Chakra to construct weapons such as bows, swords, chains, out of nothingness

Similar to how Quincy use their techniques in the Bleach anime.

LINK: https://bleach.fandom.com/wiki/Quincy

Elemental Affinities

Lightning & Fire




Blade-less tanto (which he uses his Yin Chakra to make a blade; like a lightsaber) on his hip, Kunai & Shuriken in storage seals hidden in his clothing, along with multiple explosive tags (for both distractions/quick getaways and to injure)


Yin Bow Release: Light Storm – Releases a volley of chakra arrows that fire from a Yin Nature created Bow & Arrow. Is able to create bow quickly.
Yin Blade Release: Heaven Fang Piercer – Swings  his Tanto blade towards the enemy in a slicing motion and releases a wave of Yin Nature chakra energy. Chakra cost can be high depending on amount/power used.
Yin Chain Release: Strangling Pressure – Creates chains of Yin Chakra that bind a foe and sap them of their own chakra. Can also be used for choking an opponent to death (or into submission).
Lightning Style: Four Pillar Bind – Canon Jutsu (Able to look it up on Naruto wiki)
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu – Canon Jutsu (Able to look it up on Naruto wiki)
Substitution – Canon Jutsu (Able to look it up on Naruto wiki)
Body Flicker – Canon Jutsu (Able to look it up on Naruto wiki)

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Mainly utilizes Ninjutsu from afar. Tends to outspeed his opponents and snipe them with his bow. Although not good at close range, he has made his sword fighting style very unpredictable to make up for it.

Strengths: Very knowledgeable, can see long distances, stealthy for sniping with his bow

Weaknesses: Mainly a Mid to Long Range fighter. Does not do AS good in Close Range.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Takumi – *chewing on some candy* “Yum! Gotta love the sweet taste of chocolate and caramel! *makes his move on the shogi board, chewing loudly which frustrates his opponent, Samui*

Samui: Dude, not cool.

Takumi: *continues to loudly chew* Hey, it works right?  *winks*

Samui: …Baka

Example scene of your character training

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Takumi: I said I was sorry, Karui!

Karui: *Cusses Takumi out like a sailor* Yeah right you (bleep)! You put WAY too many holes in my clothing at training today! Now, you’re gonna pay buster!

*During the chase, Karui’s raggedy top falls off (due to all the arrow holes) leaving her with her pants and her chest visible to all to see*

Takumi: *Nosebleed* Ummm…Karui?

*Karui looks down and screams in anger and embarrassment*

Karui: Ya done it now!!!!! (BLEEEEEEEP)

Takumi: Why meeeeeeeeeeeeee?! *continues to run like hell*

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

*Karui and Takumi are seen in a field clashing blades with the other*

Karui: Geez! Your kenjutsu is SO ANNOYING!

Takumi: Maybe you’re just being hotheaded? As usual?

*Karui gets upset and starts to catch up*

Takumi: Time to change strategy! *ducks as Karui’s blade nearly gets his neck. Jumps into foliage and begins to snipe at her with his bow.*

Takumi: Looks like I’m gonna have rabbit stew for dinner!

*Karui screams in frustration trying (and failing) to dodge the arrows*

Example scene of your choosing

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  1. Amazingly well thought out OC, I can’t wait to get to Kumo in the story to add this character. You put a lot of thought into him, and it shows. I like that he isn’t some character that is super overpowered and would be better off in his own story than mine. He will fit in well, but still stands out in his own way and is unique without being just OP.

    Thank you, and you will see him in the future!

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