Ashito Yukihara

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Ashi, Ito

Given name/Nickname









About 5'10, Spiky Light Blue Hair (Think Naruto's Hair Style just a Sky blue; a tad darker than Suigetsu), Generic Lean Build (I don't know how to describe muscle types, sorry)
Mesh Armor, Dark blue shirt, Light blue vest for warm weather, black jacket for colder weather, dark blue shinobi pants, Black shinobi sandals, Pouch on the right back pocket, kunai holster on right shin, black and/or Dark blue Tape up to his forearms, Dark Grey belt wrapped around his waist


Ashito is very nice to everyone, and cares a lot about his friends and family. He shows that he cares by checking up on them when they're down and helping with their problems. He makes a lot of jokes and is very fond of dark humor. He really enjoys listening to music and playing board games. Ashito can be very open and talkative but when the situation calls for it he can be very serious.


Music, Games, His friends, His family, Ramen, and Dango


Mushrooms, Rapists, Egotistical assholes, Yagura, Iwa, Orochimaru




Listening to Music, Playing Board Games, Training, hanging out with friends, Reading


Is Extremely competitive about games and training.


March 19




Born on March 19th, Ashito lived alone with his mother because his father left shortly after he was born. He and His mother received scorn from the villagers because it was known his mother came from the Yuki clan. They constantly got harassed and overcharged for cheap items. Ashito had very little friends and his mother would’t let him leave the house alone for fear of him getting hurt. She got tired of it, so she took him and left to wave. They lived a mostly peaceful life, but Ashito decided he wanted to become a ninja when he was 7. It took them a year, but they traveled to Kumo. A year later, Ashito asked his mother to train him because she used to be a ninja. She trained him in history, ninjutsu, taijutsu, kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, and the other basics. While she taught him history, he came to admire the Uzumaki Clan and their prowess in fuinjutsu, so he decided to study it on the side. He entered the Academy a few years later and stayed the required amount of time. He could have graduated early but his mother told him not to and to just aim for the middle so he didn’t draw attention to himself. He graduated directly in the middle of his class and became a genin with his team.

He and his team did several D, C and B (if it got bumped up from C) ranked missions. Eventually, his team went to the chuunin exams at which he got promoted. Following his promotion at the ripe age of 15, he began training harder, and honing as well as creating new skills. At 18 he was promoted to Jonin, and about 3 months later requested to be instated into ANBU. After about a year he was promoted to ANBU captain.  Ashito is still working on becoming ANBU commander, but is taking a tad more time off in order to spend time with his friends.

Ashito’s Main goal is to become the best ninjutsu user in the world, so he trains his 3 affinities and kekkei genkai relentlessly in order to maximize their power and speed, as well as decerease the number of hand signs needed to perform his Jutsu. Several people in his village look to him for help in creating and/or learning jutsu of certain elements.  He’s always willing to help, as long as the task isnt too much, as he doesnt like needlessly putting people in danger.

His philosophy is that no one gets left behind. On missions, when he and his team are on the way, he leads the pack. But, when they are heading back to the village, he stays in the back to prevent anyone from getting left behind.  He is well known in ANBU for having minimal casualties (he’s only lost 4 men in the 3 years he has been serving) on any mission he leads, and he is very proud of that. He plans to keep it that way too.


Karui, Samui, Omoi, Yugito, Darui, Killer Bee, Mabui (makes friends with some of the OCs but idk them soooooo...)


Orochimaru, Yagura, Iwagakure

Love interest



Kumo, his friends


ANBU Captain


Heavy Hitter/Front Line

Requests/Extra notes


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Storm Release/Gale Style, Ice Style

Elemental Affinities

Water, Lightning, WInd




Katana, Short Sword, Sealing scrolls holding food, ink, brushes, and a small guitar.


(He ofc has the basic bullshit jutsu: Henge, Bunshin, Shunshin, Invis cloak, shadow shuriken)

Wind Style: Great Breakthrough, Wind Style: Gale Palm, Wind Style: Wind Dragon, Wind Style: Hurricane (Creates a whirlwind that disorients and damages opponents. Rank:C-B) Wind Style: Repulsion (Like the Almighty Push, pushes everything in a 10 meter radius away, speed and force varies on the amount of chakra used. Rank: B) Wind Style: Shadow Clone (Shadow clone that when dispelled, pushes back the enemy and cuts them. Rank: B), Wind Style: Wind Armor (Like the lightning armor, encases user in wind. Increases cutting power and speed. Hits cause cuts. Need alot of control as one could easily damage themselves with the sharp wind blades. Rank: A), Wind Style: Sonic Clap (Infuses wind chakra in the hands and claps, sending people away. Basically a stronger Gale Palm. Rank:B), Wind Style: Rasengan (Not the Rasenshuriken. Just a rasengan with wind chakra around it that blows people back immensely and cuts up the body as well as grinds into the muscles. Rank:A-S), Wind Style: Wind Sword (Sword of Wind. Rank:B), 

Water Style: Water Wall, Water Style: Water Dragon, Water Style: Water Prison, Water Style: Great Waterfall, Water Style: Water Whip (Uses the water around to create a whip similar in length to a Katana, that drenches them upon contact. Water can be hardened to cause damage. Rank: D-C) Water Style: Gunshot (Creates a ball of water at either the tip of the fingers or by the mouth and shoots out at a considerable amount of speed and packing a hard punch. Rank: B-S) Water Style: Water Mirror (A simple jutsu that allows the user to turn a quantity of water as small as a drop and as large as a small puddle into a mirrored surface. This can allow the user to see behind himself, and around corners with careful application of the technique. Rank: E), Water Style: Water Clone,  Water style: Water armor (A thin layer of water covers the user’s whole body. At the basic requirements, it gives protection against fire techniques by dampening the effects, as well as nullifying some Taijutsu attacks. While the armor is on, it constantly draws out small amounts of both the user’s chakra and stamina, and thus can only be kept up for a limited time. Rank: B), Water Style: Tsunami (Creates a giant Tsunami. Nuff said. Rank:S+)

Lightning Style: Bolt (Shoots out a small bolt of lightning that stuns people. Rank:D), Lightning Style: Chidori/Lightning Blade (After witnessing Kakashi do it, decided to make one of his own. Rank: A-S), Lightning Style: Shadow Clone (Shadow clone that explodes in lightning and shocks the enemy. Rank: B), Lightning Style: Shocking Current (Hits one enemy, then chains to the rest. Possible to hit Teammates as the direction is uncontrollable. Rank: B), Lightning Style: Lightning Wolf (Creates a wolf made of lightning. Rank: A), Lightning style: Kirin, Lightning Style: Lightning Armor (Same as water armor, except lightning. Enhances speed and adds a shock to hits. Piercing power is enhanced as well. Rank: A-S)



Ice Style: Ice Dragon (Creates an Ice Dragon that follows its target around until it has hit it. Can create multiple smaller dragons that are faster but do less damage. Rank: A-S) Ice Style: Freezing Mist (The same concept as the hidden mist jutsu, except done with ice chakra and slowly freezes people on contact. Rank: B) Ice Style: One Thousand Needles of death, Ice Style: Ice Prison (Creates a cell made of ice that constricts the person inside. Very resistant to all elements, but can be destroyed if hit in certain parts at the same time. Rank:C-B) Ice Style: Ice Sword (Creates a sword made out of ice. Rank: C) Ice Style: Lance (Creates several lances and launches them at the enemy. Rank: C) Ice Style: Floor (Spreads ice chakra through the ground that encases it in a thin layer of ice. Rank: C) Ice Style: Iceberg (Creates a large iceberg out of the ground. Rank: B-A)

Gale Style/Storm Release: Laser Beam (Shoots a beam of concentrated chakra that burns and pushes the enemy back. Rank: B-A) Storm release: Laser Circus, Gale Style: Kamehameha (Im sorry but I couldn’t help myself lol. Its a stronger and larger version of the Laser Beam that quickly burns its target upon contact. Rank: A-S) Storm Release: Thunderstorm ( Creates storm clouds in the sky that send down precise lightning strikes at random intervals. Rank: S)

 OP OP Shit: Elemental Armor (Combines all the armors and stacks their attributes. Rank:S+ Drawbacks include: Extreme strain on the muscles and chakra exhaustion), Dance of the Sea God (Creates a giant battle avatar made of water. Rank:S+ Drawbacks include: Unable to use any other element for a short period of time [anywhere from an hour to 12 hours depending on how long it’s used], if other elements are used forcefully can cause strain on the coils and uses more chakra), Dance of the Wind God (Creates a ball of air that holds the user. Winds are now extremely sharp and people can be beheaded with a small gust. Winds are controlled by the caster. Rank: S+ Drawbacks include: Same as the water god, except for wind. As well as being short of breath for a while.), Dance of the Lightning God (Literal constant raining lightning. Rank:S+ Drawbacks include: Same as the other dances, including muscle spasms and a small shock to effect people for a short period of time [around 1-4 hours]), Tri-Elemental Storm (Combines each ability from the Dances and unleashes Holy hell on the enemy. Rank:SS+ Drawbacks include: Unable to use any elemental jutsu for an extended period of time[roughly 24-72 hours], chakra exhaustion and stamina depletion. )

Level 6 on Seals: (im including things up to level 6 that he can make) Storage Scrolls, Stasis Scrolls, Each Elemental Seal (Seals up jutsu and sends them back. Fire, water etc.), Barrier seals, explosion tags, 5 prong seal, evil sealing method, gravity seals, restriction seals, expansion, silencing seal, invisibilty seals, disrupting seals, suppression seals, paralysis seals, blood seals, lock seals, security seals, communication seals, weight seals, heating & cooling seals, healing seals.

All D-C rank jutsu can be done with no hand seals. B rank jutsu need 3-5 handseals. A rank jutsu need 7-10 handseals. S and S+ rank jutsu need 15-25 handseals.

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Hand seal speed








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8 thoughts on “Ashito Yukihara”

  1. The only Problem is his Seal Fuinjitsu Ranking being so High .How did get that high consider that out all the village only real ones with Seal Experts are Konoha ,Suna for puppets ,Iwa for explosives .even then master it difficult as hell since most seal knowledge is seal in Uzamaki vault or In hand of Konoha .
    Find Scrolls of Seal art hard hell because rarely of them plus so very few users of the Seal exist .Most being Dead or from Konoha example Orochimaru ,Danzou ,Kakashi and Jiraiya.
    So being from Kumo he not going find like take very long even learn ,master ,able use it effectively since so little knowledge of Sealing arts.

  2. the history felt a little rushed and pushed forward without going into alot of detail and i think the jumping into anbu was a little much along with 0 casualties as no one is perfect and they are gonna slip up when they are new .

    1. I agree, how they get to Kumo needs work. However, past that, I think it’s pretty good. Would give depth to the organization in Kumo, and the captain not actually being from Kumo originally is interesting. What would you suggest the reason be for moving? I mean, it could just be as simple as they decided to move.

        1. He and mother like Able get out kiri that to one Ocs how a mercenary ship captain that Bloodline Supporter consider many of crew are Blood holds he rescued form Kiri Blood Purge and Kumo Breed program hunters.This provide him possible contact still in knowledge on current events in Kiri.

          I will Eventual get type my Ship captain.

      1. With the edits you’ve made, I’d say he’s improved majorly as a character. The last thing I’d say is try to write out some example scenes for your character. Kinda give some life to them as its easier, for me personally, to connect to the character that way.

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