Ochida Steel Puppeteer

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Orchid Friend those personal Now him call him Ochi

Given name/Nickname









Cold Grey eyes,two clawed gauntlets ,Grey short hair.His eyes almost always have look that annoyed or angry .


Cold Calculated ,methodical ,Ruthless ,handle no one bullshit or crap he no problem being So blunt that it can be Offensive.He respect to those show respect and do waste words or resources .
constantly seek inspiration for new forms of Puppets to make .


Puppetry ,watching dancer of Suna ,Admiring arts ,


Hypocrites ,Those say thing when mean other ,Those look down on arts and puppetry.Those do not take being Ninja seriously see action like the Ino when when younger would piss him off ,Arrogents of Kiba and Hyuga clan,Lack Dedication to act proper ninja by most Konoha Ninja .Political Interge of World ,Politicians and Most Nobility.
Those how judge him for his looks .He want nothing to do being kazakage not want to deal with the politics .


Lose of his village ,being Alone in world.to have art of Puppetry die out.


Miniture assembly of boats ,and figurings ,Pianting


he often Flips Coin that has Ruby in center of it seeing it as embodiment of Chance since ninja and world live by chance .


6 of May




Orchid great grandfather was brother to Second kazakage.Ochida has been work hard to master his magnetic Release in effective puppet formate .He also one of Temari Brother friend often two .He live pretty basic Suna Ninja life.
he has hard time control metal Particles of Sand .one reasons he not go to Rasa for Lessons.


other puppeteers of Suna and those take being Ninja seriously .


He find Ino Yelling ,Gai and Lees outgoing nature annoying and choose cloth insulting to eyes , Those interrupt him working on his puppets or other art hobbies unless its a emergency.Or ask for advice in Puppetry.

Love interest

Light Crush on Temari and Pukka of scorch release




to jounin


Student ,team member ,or sensei

Requests/Extra notes

Do Lot people avoiding him because fear looking eye he does not have the greatest of people skills .


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Magnetic release:
He one few magnetic user of Suna Including Rasa .

Elemental Affinities

lightning ,wind and Earth



Pharaoh's Coffin:
Large iron Maiden in form of Egyptian Coffin with chains around it .He has countless Storage seals in that hold peaces of his puppets .He Use has massive Bludgeting weapon Smashing ,Sheild ,Storage for gear ,a prison and throwing weapon.He those it then can pull it back or manipulate it with the chains.He also trigger the to become a Shield with seals make smaller and lighter.As the throws it it he can trigger weight seal on make heavier so does more damage.
One method of attack with is by opening it have hands of puppets and chains come out of it grabbing enemy pulling them inside and then closing killing them.
Talon Gauntlets:
clawed gauntlet that allow him project more chakra thread if needs them and provide add potency should enemy get in his face.
He constantly improve and make more peaces with peaces he can assemble them dozen or more forms form bird ,monster and such .make hIm one most versatile Puppet user around .treating peaces like Legos to assemble into what every he chooses only limited by his imagination and amount of peaces he has.He has some preform .Main batch he use skeleton peaces make Puppet look like Skeleton animal and people with gear .
Mask of the Pharaoh:
Special mask down to see ,hear ,speak ,sense through his puppets.Similar to Pains ability see through the paths he created.


Magnetic puppets:
Ochida has metal puppets manipulates with magnetic release.So he does not need chakra threads to manipulate his puppets .he often covers them in Blasic ,and Wood giving them the illusion of being make out at surprise attack method .
resemble Jistu:
His magnetic Puppet are like Lego by use this jitsu he break apart and then have it resemble and combine with other peaces to make more diverse puppet ,create bunch other puppets .Do not have rely on threads he use magnet puppetry with special receiver seals to command them though nervous system aka through though as seal on his collar and reading firing of neurons.
Armor up:
he command his puppet break apart to form weapons for him ,allies or Puppets to able to use.
Dawn armor:
he configure the puppets into armor for him self or ally.
He wishes break limit how many puppet person can control.Although control large number can be mentally tasking on mind especial consider he can if choose to see through his puppets eyes and sensory systems .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

He see every fight chance learn new tactics ,gain new weapons ,inspiration for puppets .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Orchida Sweats as pounds away and carves heated metal shaping newest face on Puppets smiles as it begins taking shape.The Places Skull in Water to Cool .
then begin forging Insect leg Peaces and some weapons to add.he can’t wait show this to Chiyo and his rival Temari brother rub it in his face the thought make and maybe impress Temari.

Example scene of your character training

test one need to get uses to the Sensory and different visions of each puppet .talk about headache see things form 5 different places and angles well control puppets effective and not leaving himself open to attack.Note to self Place seals to prevent sensory overload of ones own brain .Being incapacitate bad .
need work Joints some more to insure that fit last batch was miss and hit .need work more peaces and such.

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Orchid Sight Quitly wait for waiter .He starts getting annoyed at load assholes across form .THis is his favorite tea shop will not have ruined by loud as swipes .he Storm over Summons his One Large Puppets tell them to quit down or shut up other wise he will remove them be it alive or dead.

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

he Smiles See that enemy are some Rogue Puppet Masters .he enjoy fight them see if done something new their puppets hopeful and tactic use with them .if Show promise he use this as learning expirance incorporate they design or tactic into his puppets if not Defeat them sent Reusable peaces back Suna to be reused.
As any worthy Puppet user should look for inspiration be in form jitsu enemy attack ,how to create new puppets to counter attacks ,new puppet designs and tactic to use .worthy will honored and worthless discarded and forgotten.
He slams down his Opens as peace fall out and take form of 5 to 8 Skeleton beasts and Warriors .charging 4 out five Rogue Ninja take them on well rest peaces scatter across battle feild .Fifth ninja was Fool charges him he Smiles titles Pharaoh Coffin activating vacuum seal and chain dragging fool to death as coffin slams shut Begin seep Blood out.
Orchid Bored Quickly Seeing that Puppeteer are Depointing use same old puppets with no new tactics so kills them quickly destroy them completely.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

He see Temari Smile then Look at brother says Sorry Brother not come out closet about being guy because only gay Guy put that much make up on .Temari brother glares at Ochida .

It’s not Make up its War paint and i am not gay you ass.

hello Gaara May Find Worthy Foes for you to kill that fill your life with purpose .

Lord Rasa what is mission we will be doing

Rasa Smiles Ochida alway Loyal and Good at getting job done one few work with Gaara well .Even with Rivalry with His oldest son.

Example scene of your choosing

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Hello, my hobbies are reading, fishing, drawing sometimes, reading manga and fanfiction. I have no real-life sadly thanks to bad education schooling so grammar sucks, sorry.

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7 thoughts on “Ochida Steel Puppeteer”

  1. you should put some more in the history as that is the base of your whole character and you really wanna build that up so you can flesh out your character

    other then that its seems like a good character you just need to flesh it out

  2. I would say reworking the magnet release part of this character, let him be fully based around puppetry and some other art. Too many people In Suna already have the OP bloodline that is magnet release

    Other than that, love the character, expect to see them in future in scenes regarding the puppet brigade

    1. He not good at manipulate of sand ,much proper chacater currently limited how mush he can manipulate of peaches of puppets ,plus chakra goes through as he keeps some more logos peaces to gether .So not overpowered his magnetic puppets interfered by wind jitsu disrupt magnetic flow.

      He does not use metal sand .
      He burn chakra faster more complex and number puppets he is controlling .
      He still working on his mask abilities so quit high chance to disorient him .
      So so he often relies finishing fights quickly .
      Magnetic puppetry is his specialty and was Core of creation as a character.

    2. That what he does Puppetry ,Little bit Genjitsu ,some poisons ,some tiajitsu should person get in his face ,Little Bit of weapon use to with his Puppet parts .
      He does not use sand ,Dust or other things like that stick to Metel parts of his puppets and manipulation of his Pharaohs Coffin.

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