Mushasuna Kubomu/Kuboma

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Kubomu ,Kubomu the Scarab ,

Given name/Nickname









Scarf around his mouth ,.Silver Scarab Broach clips his Cloak ,Red Cloak has Winged Silver Scarab on ,Scaled armor looks made out metal Scarabs ,Gold and Ruby laided Seventailed Amulet.


similar to Amburame Shino but less friendly .He Speak in Plurals see him self more of a Collective and as Representative of His Clan .So he speaks in We and Us when referring to himself ,clans and beetles.


Study of carnivorous Beetles and their Larva .Honey or sweat coated Meats ,HIs pet Goliath jewels Armored Scarab Beetle.


Lizards,Iwa Ninja ,Tiki-ninja ,finches ,Leddes ,Goat Milk ,Snow.


Lost of his Clan ,Failing his clan ,complete death of his Hive of Scarab beetles.Being Devoured by his Beetles alive .


Study of Beetles ,Collecting and Breeding beetles.


His beetles will hum ,click and hiss when he agitated or in combat.Although quit them .




wind nation


Member of Nomadic Mushasuna Clan or Desert Beetle/Scarab Clan.That has agreement with Suna 10 of their clan will serve number of years as Suna ninja in return for protection ,resources and to be left mostly alone and out of politics .
He current third in Rank with Representatives of his clan in Suna.
He most keeps to himself .
he breed several Species of Carnivorous Beetles .


Have not really though of any but consider his personality he like get long with Gaara see Gaara as Mean to Feed his Scarabs.Pupped People make good Food for Larva and Blood for Water for him and his Swarm.
Respect Gaara Space and Power.


Iwa ,Arachnid Clan's,Some Hostility for Water Fall Village and Nation do worship of Seventailed beetle who was imprisoned.

Love interest







Frontline assault ,assassination ,tracking ,clean up

Requests/Extra notes

A cousin Clan to The Amburame clan .They will not engage the other .Often they Friendly one and other both sharing knowledge ,Breeding methods ,and insect species collected at times .They currently in Talk about marriage between Clans to hope not only crossbreed their beetles with Amburames Kiakichi to create new species .
Mushy Body and Hive Container use as Storage for Beetles and their Larva House.The Hive Container special Storage Seal that house Wood ,Meat and other such things to feed them .often use to as Weapon by opening it to release Carnivores Adult Beetles .

The Scarabs of Mushasuna Clan Like the Scarabs of Egyptian Legends Carnivorous .Mushasuna use to latterly Devour their Foes.they often hibernate very colorful Shells Like in Mummy Movie So .Locals of Suna are Wary of Picking up jewel and gold bug trinkets for it maybe fish eating jewel Scarab.So often special mean seeing if trinket is true peace of treasure or deadly Bug that might wake up and start digging into their flesh.
Mushasuna breed Mainly Carnivorous beetles but also some more durable and Large species breed as Weapons and Armor.Such as gaint Plate Beetles that use as Sheild ,Sword Horned Rhino Beetle ,Savage Black Scarab .Often Bugs Sleep on and in their Cloths and Skin .When Detect then Musha use hairs ,Pharmones ,chakra alert them that they may get feed.


Kekkai Genkai(s)


Elemental Affinities

Major Earth and Wind




Beetle Equipement:
this Clan few clans that breed Gaint to Titanisous Sized beetles for labor ,travel ,armor ,weapon ,Seidge and such in their lives .there so far only about two clans them and tropical Cousin Clan the Amemusha.
Much of his equipment is living Beetles bred and made for those purposes.
Gaint Titianous eagle Beetle:
On his Back to provide mobility and flight.long winged Beetle similar shape to the Clicker Beetle or firefly .Also Called titanous Humming Beetle Do able Fly Look similar to Hummingbird of Steroids.
Titan Wind Scarab:
Largest of Scarab that Omnivorous .More Durble less Noticeable then his Eagle Beetle.Use for same Purpose but fly at slower speed.
Pheromone marking Darts ,Kunei:
use these tag foes so that his beetles track them
Katana Horn beetle:
Beetle With very long Sharp Horn use as a Sword.
Kunei beetle :
Beetle bred look like Kunei and use like one.
Great Flat beetle;
other armor Species of Beetle use as round shield.
Lance Horn Sap beetle:
Special Horn Beetle Fly fast to impale foes prey ,
great lance Horn Beetle:
For size has Huge horn its body only length of adult man hand well horn is about 5 feet long Spear .Kubomu use as such.
Air Gun Beetle:
this beetle Such up air into balloon thorax then Shoots air out thora blast of air , bullet stream of air aid in its flight and to nock bird out air to eat.he use to negate Lightning jitsu and with larger Species as boost in speed and mobility.

Non Bug Equipement:
Beetles Coffin:
much like some other clans of Suna Sunamusha use Coffin or gaint Gorges to house they Insects in serving breeding area and housing for Larva and adult Beetles.Seal inside of coffin expand the Space ,divide species ,and provided different environments to house them ,Plus should it could be destroy Beetles will be cent back Suna bug house or to his clan.
Insect Glaive:
As in Monster Hunter also Has holes and tunnels that beetles dwell in so Reach Prey.
Larva Darts:
Dark that inject Carnivorous Larva or Beetle into victim.
Bug Bomb:
Bomb that explode with Bugs .
Other hollow weapon house Beetles and Larva.
Beetle Gun:
Special Sling to Fire hard Shelled Larva or Beetles at attached to his left leg and one on his left arm.
Flare Negating Sunglasses:
Self explained.
rest of you basic ninja gear.


Summoning Contract:beetles

Devouring Insect Cyclone:
make Tornado of beetles use Block or Attack foes .
Devouring beetle Clone:
Armor of Scarab:
He calls up beetles to act as armor .The effect of armor reflect species he use such Diamond/gem Beetles hardest ,the Rub coated beetle to resist lightning damage ,Hydrator beetle to resist Fire or norther Fuzzy Shell beetle to keep Warm.
Swarm Wall:
he creates Wall for Beetles often of toughest beetles such as the Quary beetles ,Steel Shell beetles ,jewel Scarabs ,Demand Beetles to to block enemy attacks .
Swarm Hammer:
beetle Swarm then Slam in a foe like hammer often with horns .
Beetle Swarm Drill:
Swarm Over:
He use beetle to incase his foe then vibrate body and wings to bitterly Cook them .often using Scorch bomb Beetles and the Ash eater Beetles.both the most fire resistant of the Species.
Swarm Explosion:
Use any of his bugs very large swarm to release explosion of fluid ,lightning or generate air .often counter enemy jitsu or as attack .
Swarm Flash:
use Flash beetle create a blind flash of light.
Rapid Growth:
He execrates the growth of his Beetles large then normal size but doing so tends to also shorten their live span .
Regress form:
He turns beetle back into a larva.
Mind of Hive:
He connect his mind to a single or collective of his beetles
One with swarm:
this jitsu he obtains later trains of beetle grows shell plating parts of his body intenie and beetle wings. to enter stage beetles form a Pupa around him
Blessing of Seventailed beetle:
Master of his Beetle sage he becomes gaint Humanoid Beetle.
Healing Pupa:
He enter a Chrysalises to heal himself or form one around ally to heal them .Depending amount of damage done dedicate how long takes to heal .Plus this also use his beetles ,Chakra and nutruance to perform .SO more well fed his hive , more chakra he or participant will determine how much cost him in chakra and hive .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Kubomu and 15 other sent as apart treaty with Hidden in return they send 15 of theirs to serve as ninja of Suna .To Act as Ambassadors to speak on they clan behalf to Kazakage and Damyio .Suna and selected Damyio provides them support and in return the provide damyio land and Suna with Fertilizer guard cross against Pests and extract water from dead so provide for living.

Suna ruled by Elected Damyio often some gain trust of majority of clan ,they Role is act mediator Between Clans ,Villages and communities of desert and representative for them to other nations.Current damyio get protect ,able call the clan incase of invasion .Such as by as earth nation.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

he watch as his Beetles Fest on Honeyed Ham they enjoy it as much as he does .
latest breed of Armored beetles has Turn out quit well if able bring up durability and the speed of other smaller breeds .then Digs in him self .

Example scene of your character training

Found little Basterds they hard but the rumors of Beetle that survive in flames and ate ash where true .Ash eater Beetle has been Found finally if work with them his hive become more fire resistant and heat resistant.

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

The waiter was at first disturbed about bugs eating but he told what clan he was of and that would happily help get rid of any pests in that restaurant might have and especial the noisy one .
She Smiled and laughed sorry but most of them are paying and boss would not be happy but thanks for offer .
his Second helping of Sweat sauced Pheasant and caramelized fish with side of soup and veggie Rolls.

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

He and his Clansmen Smile the Foolish Iwa Bandit that think their just citizen ripe for the taking for mines .Time to feed our Hives their hungry and Fools are on the manu.They charge they smile swarm of bug Burst out of the ground form there packs and Luggage .They watch as bugs devour Slaver Alive listen to screams and Smile .All for one and one for all.
Iwa Ninja among Stare in Horrors they Bandit muscle devours Screaming, the before one them get decapitated by ,second Attempts to Rise earth Dragon Bullet but horror as touch ground a Massive Grub Burst out Devour His arms biting them off,third Jump up only to be Pearced though the eye by thrown Spear Horn Beetle ,fourth try run only meet his end hands Pincher of giant tiger Beetle,Fifth claws at body as acid spray form Beetle eat his face before falling to the ground ,Sixth try smack swarm that got into pants eating him from inside ,finally the seventh ripped apart by gaint Scarab beetles.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Greeting Kazakage We are the members meant to serve your Village of clans and represent of our clan .May we and your village continue to prosper with this treaty between use and your Hive of hives .
Call one of use or more should you need us .

Mission 28 So you must be the Sand Sibling we are Kubomu of Sunamusha Hive greetings .We will do what can to stay out of your way Gaara so may get the kills but we claim the meat and blood to feed our hive may be beneficial Mission.we able work well in .May We able combine your Puppets and our Hive for Deadly combinations.With your Wind jitsu Temari Carry Swarm to enemies to devour them.

Example scene of your choosing

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