Momoe Dairenji

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Dairenji friend Name Dia

Given name/Nickname









Slight Dark red hair then Sasori,Olive green and brown eyes .hight depend on age of your choice.Slightly tan skin do living in desert.
he Claw Scare on Low left Jaw,Bite Scare on Right shoulder and Claw marks on back,Light Scare below left eye.
Sketch Book:
for writing puppet idea down.
Desert breath mask:
a Special Suna mask design to help keep moisture ,filter out toxic gases ,and breath underwater.
Puppeteers Goggles:
these act both as sunglasses ,eye protection and remote viewing through his golems and puppets often through one or both lenses .seal to anywise his enemies ,block visual genjitsu like those from the sharingan.
Puppeteers backpack:
designed to hold Hold multiple Scrolls to store his puppets.It also Has four to six set of arms allowing him to control more then ten puppets.
Puppet master Gloves:
Set glove that finger and palm special seals allow him generate more chakra threads or fire wires and weave wire make traps or control puppets.well as signal to his puppets
Puppet master Shoes:
Like the gloves these shoes allow Him fire chakra thread form his feet to control and chakra signals to his Golems.
Poison Kit
Medical Kit
Puppet Field Repair Kit
His traveling journal.


Dairenji is outgoing and cheerful soul for Suna ninja.Loyal to friend and village .But in fight he is proper ninja calculate and deadly.
He has several Scare on his chest ,Cheek and back from when he was attacked by a Lion when was younger.Thankful Sasori saved him


Puppetry,Studying ancient Civilizations ,Goat cheese ,Honey covered Scorpions and stuff Piglet .Studying ancient History of Wind nation.


flies ,Cats,karaoke ,Curry and being cold or wet especial both.


Large Cats do mauled by Lion when younger Do to this he has developed see them has Devils Pets.So worst fear is to be exiled form his village ,being eaten by lions and having his secrets of his puppet golems stolen.


Puppet making ,Playing the flute,Studying History of Ancient Wind Country Forgotten Societies and empires .Archeology ,Study of Ancient of long forgotten civilizations .


playing his mini-puppets when bored ,when annoyed or angered his fingers twist .Chews on his nailed when thinking ,worried or nervous.






Once of Cousin to Chiyo and Sasori .He has alway looked up to them seeking to impress and show his Combination puppets Miniature puppets and realistic puppets
He dedicate much time study of puppetry ,Anatomy of animals and people.he does best make most realistic and terrifying Puppets designed to mental warfare in appearance and in trickery consider detail puts into their design.He likes make most realistic puppets he can both beauty and scary ones.
when not in Suna he studying ancient ruins around Suna and the tech form Snow and Sky Nation.

In His youth during when was genin he was mauled by Lions in desert thankful he was saved by Sasori before lion could kill him.


Sasori if does not become a villain,Kankuro,Chiyo ,other puppeteers.Some nomads of Desert ,Archeologists and fellow inventors .


Cats ,Iwa Ninja

Love interest





genin to Jounin your Choice


medic medical ,Poisoner ,Scout,assassination, combat support ,

Requests/Extra notes

His Gender is optional i just have not come up with Name for female version of him.
If choose make a Girl then his like crush/Love Interest might be Kankuro.

He Do to studying biology and anatomy of animals he quit good in medical jitsu and poisons.

he pretty good in taijitsu and use of weapons most use part or his puppets as weapons .


Kekkai Genkai(s)


Elemental Affinities

Wind with minor Water




Thread Weaver:
Both a Backpack and a Puppet .in form of spider often his puppets of last resort .
Puppet Master Gloves:
intergate combination of tech and Seal these gloves allow use to generate multiple Chakra Stings form palms and fingers to Control More Puppets although this require lot focus and training to to control so many puppets.
Storage scrolls:
Storage scrolls that hold his puppets legs ,side ribs ,on lower back thighs of legs .
Folded Chain Sickle :
On Right hip
Realistic Puppets:
Puppet ment to trick the people look as real as possible often use Rubber ,cloth and other materials make as realistic as possible .
Construction of Puppets:
Dairenji put great amount of work into use both real corpses ,wire and other methods to create artificial Muscles inside his puppets and has been work on mean to create more complex chakra pathway with element chakra so his puppets maybe able to preform Jitsu without it use his chakra reserves or infinity .
he constantly experiment new method to create more realistic and matrix for puppets seals.
puppets :
those require wires or chakra strings to control.
Chakra batteries:

Personal Puppets:
Small Puppet that appear articles of Clothing or hidden under them often use as weapons .From daggers ,swords ,spears ,Scythes and what the puppet transform into
Minitures Puppets:
Bug to cat sized puppets use to create deadly swarms often armed deadly poisons .Use also as Spies ,tracking devices ,listening devices and watching devices .
The Flying Swarm:
Consist of Miniature Puppets in form of Bugs such Mosquito's and Hummingbirds ,beetles and other small fly creatures .Some are arm with small explosives and others have deadly poisons .
Crawling Swarm:
Swarm of Small Contructs and puppets that crawl and tunnel underground in form of Rats ,mice ,Bettles ,Worms ,Centepedes ,ants ,Spiders and other crawling creatures.
Titen Set:
his Largest Puppets used to fight Summons ,Dire Beasts ,,act as siedge weapons fortress and troop transport .
Lord of Stingers:
Gains Scorpion Puppet that has four razor sharp Claws with flame thrower inside ,grappling hook ,Acid projecting Stinger,Legs become Claws ,has Several Electrocution seal on body so if foe gets on top of it they fry ,poison thrower mouth Kanei Launcher fire out under its carapace.
green Mantis Queen:
Large Mantis Puppet with four Scythes for hands .
The Bull:
other tank Based Puppet with thick armor ,breath poison gas ,blade whip tail .
Brother of Pride:
two Massive lion Puppets based on two Man-eating lions they terrorized Wind Country for year before final being slain.
Dread of Nile:
Large Crocodile Puppet that to shoot boiling water and condense streams of water to cute .
wrath of Nile:
Large Hippo made puppet made aquatic Fighting ,Powerful bite ,wind blast cannon ,drills for teeth,but jet for aid in speed ,and extreme tough able hold up to two people inside .
Armored Oni Samurai Guardians:
groups Samurai Puppets amred in heavy Samurai Armor armed with Sode Garami,Katana ,Wakizashi ,Bow ,Tetsubo ,Naginata ,crossbow ,Sheild and other samurai Weapons.
Light armor Samurai guardians :
Samurai Puppets wearing light armor or Samurai Robes.Armed like their heavy counter part do not wearing as much they able moved faster .
Monk guardians:
Monk based puppets armed with Lajatang,Kau sin Ke ,Fang ,Jette ,Sai ,Tui-fa,Sang Kauw,Staff and other monk weapons .these puppet meant take on taijitsu users .
Ninja guard:
puppets lok ninja often equipped with weapons such Hidden Wrist Blades ,Kyoketsu-Shogi,Shrunken launcher ,kumade ,Kawanaga and other light ninja weapon on them and build into them.
Black Goat:
Large Evil Look Goat puppet design as battering ram and mount to ride.
Screaming Yuki-Onna:
First Model has genjitsu voice box that also fire sonic blast to disorientate ,incapacitate and in in critical range can kill by cause internal to rupture .Later one should get figure how make ice Seal he will Make have ability to generate ice jitsu.It also has Fog Machine inside it .
Puppet made look like god of death blade coated in extreme deadly poison and breath extreme toxic vapors out of mouth .Poison often deadly killing them or fast flesh eating poison .also deliver this poison with its touch and tongue.
8 oni=8 ogres:
Ogre Puppets .Armed tetsubo Cannon,tetsubo also a Flail,,Great hammer ,dual axes ,Ball and chain.each one planned to have element eventual .the plans to have one or more armed with Kunei Mini-Gun .
Jorogumo=Spider Lady
Wire weaving Spider Lady Puppet release Aggressive Spiders that seal in side of it is able to command them.
Plague Lord;
Hood humanoid with bugs crawling out of his body often just basic Mini golem that swarm tactic programing in them some real insects and crawlies that controls very small seals on them.
beetle Samurai Demon:
Face of Skeleton with armor and body like Humanoid Beetle Combined with Samurai .
One of Largest Puppets design after the very Nine tails Kurama .
the three Sickle Weasels .three wind based puppets based on three Weasel Yokai that cut people legs off .Evil creation do exactly that having blade in mouth they cut limb off ,then stitcher sews the leg shut making hard to reattach severed limbs.
Tek Tek:
Gory Female Contruct that weird a Scythe that missing lower half of her body.
Massive giant skeleton composed of bones that drip blood and foul smelling fluid.liquid acidic and toxic to breath in.
based Japanese/Chinese Mythical Creature does about the same thing Monster Hunter Freaking lightning Unicorn form Hell.
red tiger:
Flaming ,fire throwing Tiger puppet.
White tiger:
Lightning throwing and shooting tiger puppet.
Large Snake Puppet use both shield and attack massive body coiled around him or under ground ready to block enemy jitsu or attack them.The Constrictor has High powered water pump allow and water Storage seal inside it mouth .Like Snake it also Swallow person as mean of capture ,crush them inside or as mean transport injured comrades.
The Centipede:
Design like the bug named after it has venom Injecting razor sharp blade Fangs ,placing clawed legs armor platted body .Like Contrictor use both defense and offensive weapon block enemy attack and counter wind attack with power flame thrower.
Rock Worms:
Other large underground Puppets one has drill for face and other has maw of rock grinders ,gears and drills to biting jaws to bitterly eat through stone .It then put some rock into a Furnace then melts them into magma .
Great apes:
Massive Gorilla and Oranatang.
Roach shield:
Cockroach Puppet use as Sheild .able Spit sticky Slime out mouth .
Giant Demonoid Boar with massive tusks .As in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time.
Demon Dragon Turtle the breath fire ,can shoot spike out shells .Cannon on shoulders and thrust jet legs to fly.
this Nasty is bat Puppet make one most agile puppets with wire mess wings and sonic box allow to release powers scream and sonic wave that disorientate foe and even make the shit them selves.
flaming Bird Puppet use for offensive and aid in wind jitsu make more deadly.
A Saw toothed kanei Scaled Shark Puppet for both land and water. just a brush against it is like truth into Cheese grater or Saw Rips skin .Vacuumed mouth with Vibrating teeth that also shot out mouth and high powered hydro-pump.It can alter to fit up to 4 people inside to act as submarine .but will be cramped.
Combinations Golems and Puppets;
Combination of one tiger puppets ,gaint spider puppet and One of Ogre create this mythical nightmare .Head of urge ,Body of tiger with legs of Spider.
Blade Scaled Shark Puppet that scales and teeth rotate and vibrate high speed and also can be shot out it a freak terror .Do his Special design it bitterly Swims through the ground .
Combine the One of lion puppets ,Scorpio Puppet ,Night Screamer Puppet to creat a Manticore puppets.
Lion ,Snake ,Goat ,One large Bird puppets to create Manticor.
Raging Demon Buda:
Combines all of Ogre puppets into one massive multiple armed gains Ogre .
Combine Lion with Pheonix creating a Flaming Wing Lion Puppet that able breath fire .spray gun powder out wings to ignite with flames cause explosion.
Murder of Tengu:
Combines His Flock Raven Puppets with his Samurai guardians to provide Samurai Wing to fly and extra abilities .

other Puppets i leave you to come up with.


Living Puppet Jitsu:
though sheer will and chakra string he can control control enemy as living puppet.main uses this as weaker enemies or unconscious enemies or if willing allies .person be able break control though battle of will and chakra .
Corpse Puppets:
using Dead body of enemies and approved allies he Like his ideal he been Work make puppets out dead like Sasori.
Fusion Puppetry jitsu:
he Combines different puppets into one or more .similar to how Ochida does resembling jitsu.e does to create tough Puppets combine powers of different puppets into one.Example the Chimera Puppet combine Lionheart ,Eagle,snake ,black goat.
live puppet seal:
Special seal that one on target allow him to control them like a Puppet or robot .most this is on bracelet ,clothing ,earring object it has in contact with their skin or be placed on them.
creation golem jitsu:
learn how animate earth ,water ,elemental animal shaped jitsu .but doing so he force remain only Last hand sign if for to break it then golem crumbles,falls or dissipates.
Puppet Armor Jitsu:
use peaces or armor of puppet he himself dawn it for protection.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Puppet tactics:
like Commander organizing troops Dairenji puppet multiple tactic to take foes and different puppet/golem formation to do so depend on environment and enemy tactics .Fast puppets cover the slower heavy armored puppets ,his ranged puppets providing distance support ,other puppets support allies or stand guard to block or intercept enemies .Do to them being puppets they can contort and bend ways normal and living beings can't.
he also Quit skilled in taijitsu and use of weapons use his puppets to increase overall strange then he wears them and weird them .
Attack From below:
Snake ,Centipede and several of other Puppet golems he summons under neath him so dig tunnels under foes place mines ,make pit traps ,attack them from below or burst out ground to shield him or ally.he take Morbid Delike in use his Worm Puppets to devour Iwa Ninja that hidden under ground .
Attack from Above:
use his Fly Puppets to provide bird eye view of battle feild and attack form above his enemies with range weapons and jitsu once has seal method need get puppets to preform them.
he quit good as Support member use puppets to cover allies ,pull the injured out of combat ,ranged and melee support ,plus medical and genjistu support.
he quit good at see move and tactic of enemies and allies and incorporate them into puppets

he himself is not master weapon user ,tiajitsu or jitsu user .But when use puppets to preform them that whole new can of worms that he release on his enemies .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Sun is rising this ten day at dig site over years digging at this site .If Even decipher just little of Seal work ,the Construction of thew Core that it’s self will be ground break for Puppetry and Suna .He already learn so much from peaces in this forgotten Ruins buried in sand.He Gentle Place the Core in Padden Box .
Six days later he look at the Core realize appear made some type glass ,stone or crystal with massive amount foreign seals painted on it ,ruins carved into and almost looks like crystalized brain is vain thing being nerve and neurons in a brain .Figure how make one own going to be one hell of a Challenge but even if just able a basic one he will go down in history talk about bragging rights.that not including the concealing ruins and seal place on it still effect some protect secrets of this lost treasure.
2 and half years:
Final Made it my own Freaking Golem Core ,Was also able get contact smuggle me Snow nation Chakra battery and some the clock work designs used in Ame .although it pretty basic follow basic commands better then nothing if i do not figure more out in next 5 year i will bring this up to Rasa and Sasori with my advancement just this fare will get me team and the funds and time dig more at that ruins and access to more are seal arts and such .Hopeful and now time for a long sleep have studying thing constantly between off time between missions long nights of failures .Next will be integrating the Core or Heart/brain into a Puppet Golem prototype get working if can do that then hear comes funds other dig .Plus get rub it in Rasa face that my dig provide me some useful to village beside just old jellery ,rusted weapons and bones.Who laughing now basterd for interest in Ruins of Desert.
Test 1:
Well that hurt dang thing blow up well note to self might make for good bomb .need more careful with Gunpowder and flames need better time it and make sure i not in the blast radio’s .
test 2:
Yes for my thunderbird to work and the Fusion to make the tengu Guard.Plus it My thunderbird flies let see how many Puppeteer can see created flying puppet that can carry a Whole two to three teams and truly fly.
test 409:
Able get my Master gear work finally each just need learn to master it one that done number String will be much higher allow puppeteers to control more then one puppet a finger Up to atleast 20 two a finger not including thread generator below wrist and the palm.Get puppet shoes prove interesting need work on my toe work though.This make Rasa take back what said haha who’s Laughing know .
Dear Journal
Well think Scared one villages i was covered in blood do studying body of Shark that had shipped in covered in blood .But ha her face was priceless .Explain why i was covered in blood to Chiyo was not fun consider ended up getting all over her nice carpet .But ha that was forgetting to pick me up for the Puppeteer Convention.

Dear Journal :
that freaking Nightmare again of that night when i was 7 .hell still suffer the phantom pain from Lions Bites and Claws .Luck my throat works and still have my eyes and limbs.Thank you Uncle Sasori for saving my ass note to self it near that anaversery of that night need get Sasori some Good Puppet Supplies should get that order of Konoha iron Wood make send some to him and that High powered Hydro water pump hose system to best incorporate use water in puppetry to counter act fire .
Day 488:
Sasori and Chiyo Impressed with Combat Miniature Puppets do small size easy to look overland with right poison perfect take out enemy .Best day every have chats and show my puppets off to two of my idols and few family members that give care about me and my hobbies.
Dear Journal :
I said this years ago i freaking hate being Cold and Wet Low and behold mission In Swamp in high mountain Border of Konoha It was freaking Raining and Snowing so not only am i freezing my ass of at 4000 ft in mountain but get soaked to bone .Dear team leader said weather will be clean will be fine no need for winter or wet weather clothing .From Now on i am Pack Winter cloths and some rainproof gear.

Example scene of your character training

Dairenji watches with Extreme focus as watches newest created puppets and test old ones for flaw in movement ,how well weapons fine,his reaction speed ,Reflex speed ,how realistic their appearance stays as they move ,how well do mimic real thing testing his ability control .Straing his mind ,test limits how long he control them and how many he can control with Newest gear if this work and he master his gloves,Spider backpack Puppet and his Shoes he Surpass amount of puppets that any known Ninja has every controlled .he Will become legend of puppeteer able command a Army off Puppets.

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

he getting annoyed no Shutting up the ass whip punk behind him his vulgar language ,his treatment of other clients and waiter pissing not only him off but the whole restaurant.That it i am using this peace of human Garbage as my First Corpse Puppet experiment No one will miss him .I should not get into to much trouble as long as i am discrete like proper ninja or i just shut up that work to .What to do test subject or Nock out both good .Why Not both Nock ass out then control once i finish my food then control ass back to nice dark alleyway give nice dose of paralyzing poison to make sure can’t fight then i cut up and see how living body work .hell maybe see make into living puppet not that just evil but consider his behavior not really going to feel guilty Plus he from Iwa Not lost sleep to me .So many that do .Does this make a bad person or morally questionable what hell am i think i am a ninja i rob ,murder ,assassinate ,blackmail ,bribe ,cheat ,lie ,threaten people for living i some what bound to go hell anyway.

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Shit Shit shit I Fucking hate this man for a team leader overtime i am with him shit happens.Quick in and out of Earth nation should be no problem he said .I might just kill this man if we survive this becuase right now we running for lives in a Rain Storm being Chased by a whole two Putoons of Iwa Ninja. there are just four of use compared to the 40 of them the odd not in my favor .One of them is the freaking granddaughter of that Miget of Rock Humping turd nosed Kage she freak melted four of my puppets and is hot on my ass bitterly i Hate Iwa Ninja and especial Hate have small army of them riding my ass.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Uncle Sasori “Uncle Savori check out my first Puppet MR.Knive hands and Munchmunch. Sasori Smiles seeing Small basic but well done puppets especial by hand one few family members left even if distant he still blood and he like Himself has no Parents Most raised by Family friend then Neglectful and useless uncle in law.

years late Puppet Brigdrade about battle test and show of to Puppet masters what new puppets,designs and tactic and how well they made them.he shock to see Particular Shade of Red belonging young lag had not seen years .
Dairenji Smile Hello Uncle I now been very long time since showed you anything of mine or talk about puppets and creation of them .Been want keep what made been work as secret and to day seek to show you my personal Collect of Puppets and what capable of will amaze you .Hope bring New age to Puppeteers of Suna and world.
Dairenji release first Puppet A towering Samurai with Man-catcher.they the jaws drop as raw power and fluent Movements.
Sasori is impressed .
Dairenji then Summons other group Samurai armed with Bows and crossbow launchers in arms watch them at Dairenji command fire and out of ground Burst a Snake ,Worm and Centipede Blocking attacks coiling around Dairenji Forming shield .Snake Blast out Mouth a Stream of Water ,Centipede Cone of Fire and form the Worm acid at More Dummies on Field.
Next procreant my combination Puppets .
Dairengji seal others then summon i gaint Spider ,tiger and Ogre become a terrifying monster with body of tiger ,head of Demon and the legs of Spider release Fearsome roar.
Final One great Puppets:
Dairenji reseal three other puppets then steps into larger arena with Bellow of Smoke emerges The largest Puppet anyone has seal towering Skeleton Dripping with Icore and Blood .As turn cowd opens mount revealing scream Corpses look in agony .then with flick of Dairenji wrist it rise up Lifting large Bolder and crushing it in grip then body seem to move crowd get closer look Massive Skeleton Appears made dozen of bones other creature and being .
Now form Most realistic puppets he Summons out sealed scrolls several multiple puppets even at up close look alive ,even seem to breath ,sold skin ,proper colored hair ,joints move smoothly .
Sasori to Dairenji
You Done Well Dairenji you made me proud and amazed of art .Hope Plan share some detail that went into their creation especial .You truly out done lot Puppet masters here.

Example scene of your choosing

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