Kiyoshi the Golemist of Suna

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Given name/Nickname









Black hair with dark red streaks tied in tire bun back of head to keep hair out eyes or cut short,Olive green eyes ,Scare running down right side face beside her right eye.
Lean Muscled legs ,sand Combat shoes ,Wire mess loss pants and long sleeved Hoody, With Sun Goggles on top of head with Suna breather Mask around her throat.Village head band on her leg right above artery to protect it .


Female Version
Quit ,reserved ,can come across as Cold polite Civil .When annoyed or angered is cold ,calculate ,blunt .

Male Version:
Outgoing ,Friendly ,Joker ,Love to scare people


Dairenji ,Sasori ,Temari ,Gaara,Puppet Bridged,Chiyo ,making new contructs ,Golems ,Clockwork items .
drinking sea stargazing ,Plesent tea drinks with Gaara ,watching Puppets being made.


female version:
Rasa ,Iwa ,Camels,pedofiles ,sexists ,those make pervert remarks .Kankuro got ganged up on few time by his sister and her.
Male version :
Iwa ninja




Archeology of Ancient lost super advanced civilizations like once she studies in ruin In Suna .Make of Tea,building toys for orphanages.Scare the Shit out people


rubbing prayer beads when Worried .






Kiyo is related on Sasori fathers side both look up to Sasori ,Chiyo and puppet bridged .Well Dairenji is more social and out going Kiyo more reserve so does not have many friends .Kiyo a Quitet Person .
Kiyo father died hand of Iwa Ninja and mother would parishes at child birth.She more raised by the Puppet bridge watching ,listen and learn form them as they made and work with puppets.
after reaching age of 7 she would begin make puppets with Dairenji .So share many similar if not same puppets.
well Dairenji Seek Improve Puppeteering .Kiyo seek to create Golems and Clockwork Constructs.with knowledge obtain studying ancient civilization lost tech ,Smuggles tech from Snow ,Salvage form Sky Nation War and puppetry to create them .
Do to this kiyo quit knowledgeable about ancient civilizations ,legends ,lore and traps and other such obscure things.
Gaara and Kiyo have interest relationship often the found on occasion drinking tea well watching stars and moon .they really do not talk much just share tea and watch the Moon.
Kilo of few friend


Tameri ,Gaara ,Sasori ,Chiyo ,Members of Puppet bridged ,Dairenji,some Nomad Clans and Archeologists .


Iwa Ninja's,

Love interest

Gaara,Dairenji ,or temari


Suna and Family


high genin to jounin your choice


Puppet support

Requests/Extra notes

Kiyoshimi for Female version

Kiyoshi for male.

I Have two version of him this sun One if do not care for it then Let me now send you my other one.This was not my original version of him.


Kekkai Genkai(s)


Elemental Affinities

Water and earth




Similar to Puppets but often made with gears and such inside of them .Made to follow basic command .
Puppets She has about same Puppets as Dairenji and plans to turn them into Contructs that follow commands .
Like Dairenji and Sasori she constantly improve ,altering and make new contracts and Puppets.
Skeleton Frame:
She has what appear like Metel Skeleton under her cloths .this Enhances her physical Strangth ,Speed
,Movement and prove extra protection.
Walking Armor:
Suit armor that is also A Construct so it worn into battle or command to battle.

think Clockwork machines form Dishonored ,Constructs and Golems from MTG or Puppets that walk and attack without require Puppeteer to attach strings to them.
Kiyo uses Form of Control Seals to give commands ,Her voice and and signs .and a Control to send electric and sonic waves to give commands.
Puppeteer Goggles:
Kiyo like Dairenji


Like Proper ninja she quit good at genjitsu use to disorientate foes ,hide herself ,Obscure the movements of her allies and jitsu.
Animate Jitsu:
She developed mean to animate and control her jitsu like Puppet make Dragon Bullets attack and follow enemy .Draw long she move the jitsu the more chakra she burns through.
Element Golem Jitsu:
She reverse engineered Iwa Golem Jitsu .She able make Water and earth Golem So Far so long as hold sign or earth golem has attest one foot on ground .Water golem Most thread or contact with her .She plans make Lightning ,Fire and Wind Golem eventually.
Puppet jitsu:
she use Chakra threads to control her Puppets ,Golems
Rock Armor:
Able use Iwa Rock armor jitsu cover her self in stone.
basic Jitsu self explained.
Earth Wall
Stone Wall
Earth Dome
Mud Dome
Mud Wall:
Great countering Fire jitsu
Earth Bullet:
She Spit a Ball of Dirt
Rock Bullet :
self explained
Mud Dragon Bullet
Water Dragon Bullet:
Stone Dragon Bullet:

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Like Dairenji Kiyo see every fight as Mean to learn and gain new inspiration of Puppets.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Kiyo Watches like Hawk as Sasori Puts to gather one newest puppets as Click the joint his Kiyo hand him the oil and a Rench .Thank you Kiyo Sasori Says and then get back to work .
Next day Kiyo running around Puppeteer shop acting as the tool monkey handing puppeteers the blue prints ,tools and peaces all the while watching them work Mega Puppet Suna Biggest Puppet that being constructed like take 10 to 15 years to complete .
Age ten Kiyo wipes sweat form her/His Head as dig rock and sand revealing ancient Golem Torso and head If She/he lucky the Core the heart and brain of Golem is still intact mostly and if by miracle it in perfect condition then her/His dream much closer especial since been studying Fathers notes on ruins before his death.She/Him Hope for fill their father dream of creating it Make Working Construct even if Basic one for now then .they will Go done in history for this discovery .
maybe with little help from Dairenji she be able understand more seal and ruin on it and how they work.
age 12 they freaking Did it Kiyo has Complete a Proto-type Smile graces ,their Lips it has taken them two years and 6 months to get this far without help .she only getting better especial Help of that Uzimaki Scroll Got from Black Market right under Konoha Nose to .hell Could trade it for more intel of seal that red head of hokage wife would likely very much was Clan Scroll Back.Note to self Bring this up to Rasa.
age 15:
We did several of my puppets have been converted into Contructs i will show them off in next 5 to 8 years that i can refine the process more but no way in hell give this up .if they Want this they better show me that their worthy of it considering how much work going into make just one Matrix and Core.
Have very Nice folding fan Blade to give to Sasori for his Birthday.

Example scene of your character training

Kiyo Puppets Clash With Dairenji and Ochida puppets .happy to see her/his advice helped Dai create transforming and fusion Puppets.she/he envious of Ochida Puppets and magnetic release able to command his puppets with out chakra threads.well Also Marveling detailed Dai put into his puppets and size come in.She going to need make some of her own that size.Sadly she she one puppets get crushed by Ochida Iron Ogre with his puppets be made of metal they tough as hell .
Sasori watches form Side to eventual give tips how to improve what part to work on.
their Puppets and Dai are light move faster but Ochida are hard to damage ,more powerful but Slower at least the heavy and big parts are .
Smile forms as their Second puppets Heated chain Blade melts though Ochida Puppets and her suicide bomb puppet blows the freak out of Dai.Sorry pale but you just got burned .

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Enjoying the night Gaara He nods his head .

Kiyo Pours cup of tea and slides it to Gaara not getting to close he like his space so the both of them watch Moon and Stars .Gaara Vanishes in Cloud of Sand

Goodbye Gaara See later .

Example scene of your choosing

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Hello, my hobbies are reading, fishing, drawing sometimes, reading manga and fanfiction. I have no real-life sadly thanks to bad education schooling so grammar sucks, sorry.

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