Kiyori child of Sun

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Given name/Nickname









Golden white hair ,Taint Skin with Ruin like marking on it that Normal are Black but at times glow like .Blue Gem in center of chest below her throat.Gold plated Shoulder guards ,Golden Guantlets ,sun like partner eyes ,tattoo of sun surrounded ring and coma around ring.Other Cloths Similar what seen on Egyptian Royalty of Depiction of Sun Goddess.

her age Optional to you depend on her age or by you choice her power level can range .If Naruto can help Secure treasure form raider then She like join in quest prepare against mothers clan.


Serious ,at time quiet to anger,bit on ruthless ,some what prideful ,wise beyond her year,Honest ,Straight forward ,Blunt ,can be very kind and warm hearted.When angry fearce and deadly like the with the intensity of Sun.when in combat she has no middle ground attack to kill .Her personality like to mellow as she ages become more warm to good people.when first encounter she kind over serious and intense.


Sun ,meditation ,Gardening ,Watching sun rise,Gold,yellows and warm Sunny Colors.


Shikoku for Some damage he Done to ruins she stand guard of .He like have work soothing her grudge for his actions.Do this he stays out her part of desert so she does not turn him into a gaint glass Statue .She warned him next time she saw him and if was not for a apology then he live many hundreds of year as largest Statue of Glass in the World.


Divine treasure fall into wrong hands .having to wipe out other city or country.


watch the sun rise ,meditating ,talking walks





Wind County


Like Asura and brother .She is once in constantly being recarnated and reborn.She serves as Guardian a Ancient temple and treasure with since humanity not yet read for them especial the Eternal Sun stone she protects.her rebirth she only retains some past memories .She is often worshiped by few clans and tribes as Sun Goddess .
She has Past With Shikaku She he once enter ruin city she stand guard of destroyed much in retaliation she turn half of body to glass .These ruins and She dwells in Worlds hottest part of desert now and burning Sands .This done by power of Eternal Sun Stone and her own connection to it make so any enter near her domain most do so under dark or Burn by very gaze of sun that burn where they stand.This Temples first Defense with her being second .Do this She Can sense Shikoku since both of them are being of Desert .Both He and her responsible for Destruction once great empire in Wind nation .Do action She and Shikaku turn it to burying under sand and scorch very land turn into what is to day as Wind country as punishment for the empire transgression.So Both her and Shikoku have insured that Humanity does not commit the same Sin as Old civilization did that they destroyed.
She Embodiment of Fire ,light and the Sun.There is only ever one with her power and her opposite Incarnate of Moon have power over night ,Water ,ice and Darkness.Yin to her Yan .they often been both lovers and enemies .


None really except maybe her followers .


any that seek to pillage the Ruins and treasure of Ancient City she guards .Especial if Seek great Eternal Sun stone and other divine relics she guards.

Love interest

Her opposite that Incarnate tied to Moon or Naruto


Sun God that believe may be her mother and to those worship her.


jounin +


Power house ,Ally

Requests/Extra notes

Naruto like Need fight her for a while then prove that he not their to desiccate the ruins of Ancient Empire or seek abuse power that she protects but to gain her ally ship in order to fight his mother Clan.

Depend age of current Vessel or Incarnation her power level is often High Jounin and increase as she remembers more ,grows stronger ,Unlocking more of Unworldly power.

She like fall for Naruto do both being not of this world and like other mortal beings .


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Solar Release:
She draw power from very sun,Fire and light.Is immune to fire ,She release Energy of Sun from her body in Laser beam from her hands ,from Relic weapons .She heals fast under like of Day and Sun.She strongest during hottest part of day and Spring and Summer.She can also fly thanks to it .All abilities and states increase well under the light of sun and by heat of area.
Radiation Release:
Like the Sun she release form body deadly amount of Solar Radiation.
Scorch release:
As Anime
Searing release:
As in Kanade Wing jitsu
Sun Beam:
She Fire Beam or Ball of Condense Solar Energy burn with intensity of sun .
Touch of Sun:
Her hand glow should touch its a instant Vaporize like touch the very sun.either come ash ,cole or dust.
Sand Release:
She like Shikoku has Power over Sand .
Plasma Release:
She able Fire Plasma similar of that sun made of .
her power Weakest during winter and at night.her Powers farther decrease so long farther she away form Divine treasure she protects.especial the Eternal Sun Stone.

Elemental Affinities

Katon ,light ,Wind


Sun Watchful gaze:
One trigger similar Pains ability see thing through his rain Exept She See all thing under light of Sun.Often use this to observe she not yet master using it in combat.
Sun Wrathful Gaze:
She able Shoot Bolts ,Cones and Rays of Solar energy out eyes .

Her eyes :
Look Blue sky with golden Pupils.When enters battle her pupils burn and gain appearance of a Sun .As power grow her become gold then then final as if they miniature suns in her eye sockets.


relic Weapons :
when not active weapons look like broken weapons or incomplete but when active the peace come into being or materialize form weapon .Similar to Promithain Weapons in Halo .Often Peace come Part of her armor or come form out light .
Sickle Swords:
Heavenly Chakram:
Big Floating Blade ring that float behind her .from this she fire or use as shield .
Solar rings:
Golden ring around that comes out of bracers. from these fire her energy bolt ,balls ,beam and such out of .
Eye of Sun:
Neckless with Golden Eye with sun in center she use as focus tool fire her power out of.
Many of gear is serves as limiters and focus tools so she does use to much energy that body not yet ready for.


Suns Incarnate:
She became almost Divine like being .her eye burn like suns ,hair glow as if made of sun light flow life fire .Divine tattoo marks on her body also glow like light of sun.her Physical strength massively increase so does her all her abilities .able form Construct of light and fire .In the state she turn a whole country to Desert or even glass it .
Flare jitsu:
theses jitsu do less damage but often explode blinding light.
Solar Nova:
She erupts in explosion of Light ,Fire and heat like Mini Sun exploding.Depend level power place in it she act like living Nuclear Bomb.
Solar beam :
She gathers Sunlight ,Fire and heat into her hand fires beam of at her foes.She can also do same with her eyes.or Solar rings on her bracers.She also fire it in cone .
Solar Spray:
She fires Multiple smaller beams out eyes ,mouth ,hands ,weapons or Chakram .
Solar Bullets :
She fires Balls of Solar energy out of her
Solar Bomb:
her version of tailed beast bomb.
Sun Divine Judgement:
One greatest attack take time build up then gaint beam of Light fire down form Sun vaporizing ,burning or glassing everything near and that get hit by it .o
Other Solar or Sun Jitsu:
I leave to your creativity.

Fire Jitsu :
Her current Incarnation has little Knowledge of jitsu so her jitsu list is not very high most jitsu she made on her own or retain from past lives.
wind jitsu :
She pick up form raider she killed.

Sub-elemental jitsu:
She Picking them up slowly but she like need to encounter and train in them.

She favor either Rain beam of Solar energy at foes or beating them with raw strength.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Once put into fight she will use to judge persons character and if worthy let live but if wicked with evil heart she will bring death to them as harsh as beating sun in Desert of Suna.She no mercy with those see as evil.She has strong sense of right and wrong .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

She Watches the sun Set Nowing that soon those that seek power that mortals not yet ready for will be coming to pillage this holy place and treasure she protects .But their not here yet so she enjoy the light and peace well it lasts.

Example scene of your character training

Set by set she punch and kick by punch and kick as she down in countless lives keep her self fit and improve current body .She like other who recreate she does not work to retrieve the knowledge of past lives .But she has years to do so long then normal People she at times envies them and other times Pities them .She has purpose yet they are lack it often fit among each other like starving dogs .

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

She gazes on cocky would be thieves think she some tribal girl rape as loot this holy place but .She her hatred for such scum shows in eyes fist one touch burst into flames as second one see shock she plunges her fist through his heart ,third swing his axe she leap into ear her eyes then light up then beams of hatred blast him vaporizing half his body,fourth fire some arrow at her she fire chakra ring at him cleaving his legs off ,fifth she crush with guardians hand rest run she gazes with clasps hand to gather focus Solar energy as ball form she fire them killing third other came with them .Sun heat has no mercy for fools .She opens her eyes gazing new Statue of Ash ,Stone of her newest collection.Job well done .they will crumble like other become one with desert or withered corpses reminder what happen to those tress pass in these lands .

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

She glare at Gaara with contempt Shikoku what doing here and why are form of human is this your form a trick you power can’t hide form me .Warned you if you trespassed here I would turn Glass for what did .I have not forgotten so unless found some way of apology then prepare to suffer.Plus you have lead other to this place I will kill them and turn largest Statue like a promised i would .For once in Gaara life he was force to dodge for his life as beam of Scorching heat shot at him .Even Shikoku was scared .He regrets Pissing her off Especial consider she hold quit a grudge and know she Really angry at him .He really hope find way talk out of this or their all dead especial here in her place of Power .Kankaru Stares terror as Gaint Statue comes life rising out of sand gazing down on him lift hand plans to smack him like a Bug.Temari Luck to cent flying as Angery Lazer Shoot Blonde Kicks her .He really hope Naruto able do some about this child before end up Cooks ,crush or dead .What really Scare is that Gaara not able Commadn sand here .What Scare tailed Beast is not some that pissed off and that Damn Raccoon inside Brother has pissed this walking sun off.

Example scene of your choosing

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