Kanade The Searing Wind

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Given name/Nickname









Braided Hazel colored hair,slightly taller then Rasa,Scare runs down cheek below her right eye ,scare runs down her right side chest ,Sandy colors wire and chain vest ,With leather pants and arms .Opel Gem Neckles ,Suna Head Band on her shoulder .severial Hidden Pockets on cloths and in them to hold items


Similar to Temari ,little more short tempered side when come those pushy with her ,Bit on Arrogant side but rightful so .After return form her training she like Flirtatious with Sasori , Baki or Rasa one stops being mad at him and council.


Temari ,Kankuro,melons and grape juice.


Loud and annoying people,Rasa ,Iwa ninja ,pushy people.


Lose of her War fan Searing wind ,Caterpillars


playing the Harp,reading mystery Novels ,Sushi roles.her pet Scorpion Tomo.


when annoyed her left eye twitches ,When excited has good fight Hand get twitch to grab her grant War fan.






One World Best wind Users and one of the Four Winds .Student to Uragomi great fan User ever to Four best student he hand four special Made gaint War Fans.Kanade is weirder of Searing Wind.Four Last several years she and other fellow student have training with Legendary Wind Sage Just final Completed training.
Kanade was One of Gaara Mother best friends .Do to Rasa Letting Sealing Of Shakaku in his wife resulted in her death .Kanade not happy with Rasa .She like see Potential in teaching Temari how properly user her mothers Fan and eventual see if she is worthy successor to inherit Searing Wind.She good friendship with Both Gaara Parents .Is Suna most skilled fan user.


Rasa Wife before her Death,Rasa ,Sasori ,Chiyo.


Iwa Ninja,Slaver,

Love interest

Baki ,Sasori,Rasa


Suna and Family




teacher,Team leader

Requests/Extra notes

She One Suna Most dangerous Ninja known as Mistress of winds now other Ninja has reach her level of master in wind jitsu .third strongest in fire jitsu and a army killer by her self using her War fan to create Tornado ,Great Wind storm that devastate her enemies .Next to Rasa she possible the strongest of Suna Ninja .her great Achievement was Holding off and kill of over 9,000 Iwa Ninja single Storm this and what Minata Did was what cause Iwa with draw form second War.She Fought of Iwa tailed beast host .
She Will also use Natural Wind to farther increase her Jistsu power while reducing the amount chakra she need to use.


Kekkai Genkai(s)


Elemental Affinities

Major Wind ,Minor fire,Some earth




Searing Wind:
her Favorite Weapon a large War Fan with Reforced Sealing strengthen it ,Wind seals to increase power wind Jitsu and ,Fire Seals to Add Burning effect to gales that fan generates.with Razor sharp edge ,Fire Resistant seals ,alloy casing ,weight seal to increase damage on impact and to Decrease the weight for her ,water resistant seal to protect form Rust and water damage,Searing Protection Seal to insure that only worthy weird it .
Special ability:
As the Name suggest the Fan releases gales of Searing Hot wind that burn flesh ,cause those hit to suffer dehydration,Scorch lunges and eye of enemy ,Flamable items Catch on fire like wind from a Air form a Valcano .Seal that make her extremely Resistant to heat .Ancore Seal to prevent her own wind jitsu blowing her away.
Twin Kestrals:
twin hand War fans uses in tight corders and in her Wind Fan taijitsu Style.She also use them as throwing weapon and they come right back to her.
Sollim Night:
Scimitar with Black blade and Silver Scabbard and handle with Saphire gems .This Family heirloom


Fuuton and fire Master:
She Suna Number one Wind Master knowing every Wind jitsu they have and then some .Is One of Strongest of Suna Ninja.Like become Very skilled in Fire .
Searing wind Jitsu:
She activates the Searing Seal on her War fan adding Searing Ability to her wind attacks .
Inferno Jitsu’s:
Combines her Wind jitsu with her fire Creating Gales ,Bullets and Such of Fire and wind.
Inferno Twister:
She creates a Flaming twister.
Hurricane Spin:
based on Hyuuga Heavenly rotation She Spin or created Dome of Wind that Block and cut to peaces anything that hits it .
Devouring twister:
She rotates Fan at high speeds then twister form in front of it draw enemies and thing inside cutting them to ribbons or smashing into her enemies similar to fang over fang of Inazuka Clan.
Winds Fury:
She creates a great Wind Storm around her .
Gods fingers:
She creates Condition to bring storm of tornado’s.
Gods hand:
She create Biggest Tornado she can with her in eye of it Launches it lets destroy everything in path

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

When enemies up close have careful leave Cut half by her fan ,She constantly moving to increase Speed and Wind generation into her attack both distant and close up ,When tight area like use either Twin Kestrels or Single one of them and Solim Night.make her deadly foe get close to and at range .With range combat she send Constant Blasts ,blades ,cones ,Dust Devils and such of Wind and fire at her foes .
She ruthless in fight Seek to completely obliterate her enemies .Often serves as Iwa Deterrent of Invade Flat Land of Wind country .Since take Place not single Iwa forces have cross that area.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

She stroke Fingers Across her harp crowd Silance and some even shed tears as bring out sad and Joyous memories .The Sultain Claps as the Finally Stops and thank her for playing .She Nods and bows to crowd.
She Floats in Water of Pools enjoying coolness of water and shade ,this Pocket of Paradise is one favorite Watering Holes ,No Crocodiles to kill ,wonderful singer birds ,and Wild graps and Melons to eat .Plus it hidden quit nicely only about three people now of location .

Example scene of your character training

She Sweats As see the Scorches and Burning Land around her She Final master Gods Burning Hand was able control the damage .Would Love see terror of Iwa Ninja force get see this jitsu in Action right Before leaves them as Charded remains.

She Swirls and Drafts of Wind Blow .Sasori and some other Ninja Watch Both Enjoying Wind Dance and Atractive Lady preforming it .true Art .Sasori Seek Memorize movement in hopes building puppet of with such elegance and grace .She takes that great complement.Well younger Audience watch to learn and memorize proper movements when using hand fans in combat.hopefully she be able train Reds daughter Temari god she misses her best friend .She is Temari Godmother after all.

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Year back on Flat Planes Kanade Sweating over 800 Iwa ninja vs her 100 Suna Ninja .She able get folk to Shelter So She fight off the oversize Pony Lets see how much heat it can take 800+ Iwa ninja and a Oversized pony .this either greatest last stand or great victory for Suna.Hope Rasa crushing other forces and able send reforcements .Time use Fist of God.She Begings swing her fan storm been building already thanks past fights and force able hold out for weather it not her play .tornado start forming Iwa forces charging almost their know .Swing her fan Down and tornado touches ground Iwa forces and even Pony looked shocked as Land right among front of her Very ground rips up into Winds throughing back they Kunei ,shurikens and jitsu before expanding Shreading them up as she stand in center .After time it fades She Smiles she did She beat them and then Passes out form Chakra drain .Before falls One of her comrade pick up before she hits the ground.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Rasa Long time No see so how fatherhood been for you ?where are my godchildren and what Going on and what happen to Suna ?If your answer does not please me i will take that hat form you by force and you know I can . You may command Gold by i Command the wind .Good to see you to Kanade Says Rasa he expected her to be pissed fact has release blast wind try beat him to a pulp is a improvement to mood she was when she left .My children doing good and happy to have you return to Village .

Sasori hows my favorite Puppet obsessed Red head .Sasori Smiles Good See you to Kanade how was your training and border guarding ?

Good Iwa Still Scare of me do sending Oversized ugly Pony back over border well leaving thousand or so Blood splats for Iwa forces.My Chakra paths and body still recovering form that jitsu .Was able make new ones but going have in void anything that large for other 3 years .

Example scene of your choosing

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