Hanzei the Skullhunter

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Hanzei the Skull Collector/The head Collector

Given name/Nickname









Hair Color and style
Black long hair and beard .
Tarnish color
massive scare runs left top of head to right eye.
a pear of bracers that have square metal plates like scales on them and shoulder pads and hip guards .
from back armor waves two flaws what appear to dragon wings on side and move them are four spikes with impales skulls on them


Ruthless ,fearless ,Eager for other fight to claim other worthy head to add to his collection.Born of Distant Land Past Land Snow Barbarian People Born of War .he constantly wondering seek battle to slay power foes and claim heads for his collection.for his clan Believe power grant by take Foes head in battle .Thankful His clan not able breach great north and mountain keep them on their land or land Element find self Attack by Horde of Battle and Blood Crazed Barbarians.
In this land he Serves as Bounty Hunter and mercenary especial looking most Like job that have conflict he cares not for good ,evil ,Laws and such So long as he find worthy foes to slay .should he have people under His command he like a Warlord constantly battle other Lords and land .He never retreat form Fight he fight until he dead or until defeat is curtain .


War ,Battle ,Claim Head of foes he Slayen ,strong Foes to fight ,Maintaining his weapons and armor.
Feasting After good fight .Drink Saki out skull of Coward .


those have not Skill in Battle ,Cowards ,being Shown mercy see it as insult to him


To die old age ,Sickness ,Not to die on Battle feild or fight worthy foe.


Look for next place wage war or battle be individual or groups.


The Dragon rage:
A bloodlust that seems plague his tribe this drive them to constantly seeking war with other tribes in his Homeland .Do this never really held territory they have conquered often leaving to seek next war .When Not in war they plan their next war , Raid or battles .




In Lands of Khan's


One few of clan form Land of Khans that survive and found them selves in Elemental Nation .Follow the way of people his Constantly seek battle be with those of clan men that came with or with others.They survive by raids and war they wage .Those how do fight do eat.He know wonder on own as mercenary or just looking Good fight.
He is one few scouting Parties that made into Elemental nations scouting force .Waiting chance when his Khan marches Clan to War on new land.They have bases Camp in both Iwa and ,Some in Suna and in Kumo .So He seek to test the strength of this lands and its people so to eventual report to his Khan .


Some Clans men and even then it Wary friendship .


Anybody try command him that not of his clan ,and everyone he fight and pillage from.

Love interest

War and battle crazy female of Clan.


His clan


A rank to S rank Barbarian Warrior



Requests/Extra notes

Dragon Bloodlust :
He bloodlust is not as he able control quit longer then others of his clan and that is the reason that was chosen to enter these lands .


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Elemental Affinities

Lightning or fire.



Head taker Spear and any other weapon he picks up in war or battle.


he open learn new things especially thing used wage war such As jitsu and means to use chakra .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Battle is to Live ,their no honor in losing ,those do not fight do eat .Strike fast as Lightning ,with Brutality of Rabid yeti ,Survival come War ,strength ,Power and statue ,and all gan in war and battle .
We born for war ,War is in our Blood ,War our calling ,War is our life ,War is our soul and War we our named ,War We rise and in War we Die .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

He smiles cleave the head of this warrior his party got quit Far through the great desert into new land getting past other Clans was difficult ,then crossing great mountains .By all appearance this land nows not of clan or what true war is .These’s land full of soft weak people that have no skills in battle a perfect land for taking .But those do fight are skilled and deadly warrior especial those Ninja ,Samurai and Monks of these lands that use this energy called Chakra .His party will have to be careful how wage war here .Ninja able weave illusion and elements with great power and samurai have skilled in war and their armor quit good . Monks similar to monastery dwellers of his lands .He and the other have work on building number they most be those embrace as clans men in this land if that does not work we take children to increase our number.

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Castle burns around them village scream in terror and clash weapons and shout of warriors heard all over place this what his people live for battle ,war ,pillagers and raids .He blocks sword swipe one land common warriors pathetic soft to long with true fight this one not even worth to claim head .The swing of spear cut young man in half block other spear of more battle hardy foe this own armor show that he samurai and officer at that .Look of fury man yes entraining like enrage at destruction around them that clan has inflicted on small out post .he smiles Let you be more worthy challenge then last soft bellied fools act as if they warriors .Samurai spit at calling him savage that no warrior .Fool war is in the name if do have strength to Stop use form pillaging ,take what want then then unfit to have it those do fight die ,those do fight do not eat and those do not march to war die .Honor is war their no honor in losing .This is war in Purest form fire ,death and clash will ,strangth and cunning only strongest come out and weak are either dead or broken .Let see who shell be take whose head .As they samurai and Hanzei clash surround by buying castle and village.

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