Tsukasa Red Demoness of Desert

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Tsukasa Red Demon of Court ,Red queen of underworld

Given name/Nickname









Appearance:Gorgeous Women with flawless skin .
Hazel Gold eyes
hair Style and Color:
Long Black hair
Red Kimono Corset with Choke with gold pendant.Golden hair Coms in her hair.The corset tied with Gold Silk string with gold charms on them.
items :
she often smoke her pipe


Cunning ,Ambitious ,vast intellect ,master in court politics ,and at gathering information.She great for sight in event of world especial those within Royal Courts ,Ninja clans ,and other nations .make her possible One of Wind nation most powerful assets and dangerous foes.her ambition has got her in trouble leading to her house arrest in Wind Nation and exile enter Damyio court unless called.But even that has only temporarily slowed her down and limited her inflaunce to a degree.so far Only one other Information broker in Wind that rivals her .both of have interesting friendship and rivalry .She does nothing for free every action has purpose and goal in mind to get something most often information .She extremely Skilled in reading people even form second hand information .Her Intellect Said to rival Nara Shikamaru Father.She is Seductively Gorgeous Women and She nows it and uses it to her advantage .


.High Quality Kimono's ,Dresses ,Food ,Perfume Information , gathering,Increase her influence and power and high life .


Her house arrest ,getting false information , traitors ,and Such.Bit grudge against Jiriaya for some shit he pulled.Being Controlled manipulated by Stupid people .Not being shown respect especial in her house .


Destruction of her Information Network .Not able find worthy heir .


Gathering information ,Manipulating thing in and outside Wind nation to increase her information network.enjoying her spa ,drinking tea and such.


tapping of her fingers when annoyed or interested in something.


July 3


Wind nation among


Mother was Noble well her father was one of Wind nations head of Intelgance and covert affairs .Tsukasa was girl born with great level of intellect and cunning .By father lesson she skilled spy ,interrogator and Noble Woman of Court able read Nobility extremely well .She would rise quit power under rulership of Former Damyio using his stupidity to manipulate masterfully .sady with his death and some her ambitions crush with rise of new damyio .Find out some of her schemes ,plans and such after Second ninja War She was exiled form Royal Court unless Called on .She Limited staying with her city and Clans Land .Although this dead set her back quit bit ,slowed her progress and put thorn in some of her ambitions .She would Quickly adapt .Do to her loyalty to nation and her vast knowledge of Nobility ,courts and Information Network .She secured her life and at least pleasant house arrest.
She like nows some about assassin that try to kill or kidnap the damyio and his son.So Damyio much way has constantly prove as smart or cunning as Tsukasa .Least she remove replace him with a Puppet Damyio or secure her self the throne .
So She ,Damyio and Rasa have been at three way battle of wit ,cunning and strategy .Although allies but also enemies .
She may had hand Pushing Suna join the second War .
During second Ninja War she use it as mean to spread more of her agents and gain agent into other nation and villages.
her three biggest rivals would be Nyoko lady of Tombs ,Kikara Lady Cobra.


her two hand Maidens and rare hand of other people.


Rival Information Brokers
Nyoko Lady of Tombs ,Kikara Lady Cobra.

grudge With jairaya form some Slight .

Love interest



Her self ,Clan and Nation


Mid Chounin to high chounin in combat .B to S in her ability gather information with Wind nation .


Information broker ,Possible enemy and ally depend on what has to lose or gain .

Requests/Extra notes

She At best a Chaotic neutral Person but when come safety of her nation she great ally to have with vast information network of Assassins ,Spies ,thieves ,Ninja and such .Plus she also very skilled Strategist rival Many in Nara clan.

She does not like to fight leaving that to her guards .But She knows how and when in her house she threat level can easily increase do traps set up though her home .


Kekkai Genkai(s)


Elemental Affinities

Wind and Fire




Senbens ,throwing knives ,Poisons ,hypnotic drugs ,Bamboo Umbralla Sword ,tow hand war fans ,


Modest Amount of Fire and Wind Jitsu .
She quit skilled in them use them to beguile others ,use means to probe their personality ,other subtle acts .When under threat she prefers to let her agents do fight well she provide tactical Input ,and genjitsu combined with hypnotic drugs to ensnare her enemies do fight for her .
Modestly skilled to point that give low Jounin challenge .But like lose to Mid to high Jounin level opponent.
She skilled in use of hand War fans ,throwing stars ,knives ,Senbens ,poisons ,even long battle Smoking pipe she use as club

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

She in void fight use her vast intellect often to insure enemy never reaches her ,When force fight she often use style that prove her great advantage choosing environment ,force to aid her ,Combined skills as leader and tactician make hard enemy to track she skilled in stealth and getting way .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Tsukasa Smiles “this brand of tobacco nice mixing herbs helps relax the mind and increase focus.need Send more fund to this Farmer that making it .MMM this Spa so nice to have Few places in Wind Nation that has a Hot springs .Plus added Fragrance of incense great as well .Her servants now play music she happy purchased them .So many other abuse ,misuse slaves it really sad .Some of her most loyal and trusted servants and agents were former slaves .Not fed ,Cloths ,Educated and treated well the Loyalty is secure .Plus Helping some have revenge on those that abused them helped farther secure loyalty.Pity the no Slave Agreement pasted between Wind nation and Fire .

Example scene of your character training

She Sways Hips ,Contorts her torso ,weaves Fans around her ,Sweat glistens on her golden tained Skin ,As Blade of Servant sweeps over her head ,then Strikes with low arm then Light smack in eyes to disorientate and disarm her servant well Placing the razor sharp edge of Fan to throat.She Smiles her skills are growing .She may not best hand to hand fighter but her cunning and strategy to strike openings ,counter attacks and dodge them make quit dangerous foe .

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

She Sit in Booth eat fine Food of this Five Star restaurant .As does so listen to other guests wondrous that nobility at times so stupid ,arrogant and cocky .Chattering Way about anything especial themselves makes gathering information easy .They do even realize who she is other wise like be little smarter .Well their lose and her gain.This well marinated Pheasant with Vegetable Stew quit nice have maybe she secure ownership through one of her many Shell Corporations .

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Jiriaya’s eyes Widen as Feels Razor Sharp Fan somewhat close around his family Jewels .Normal he would kick but hear voice Gorgeous Women that currently had hand rapped around that very fan .he know that she hold him in her hand right know.
Jiriaya What Wonder to see you after what you did 8 years ago .Now you better have very expensive gift or information for me .Plus tell me why your here in my City .if you do not i will make you never use Family jewels ever again and hear you scream like high pitch voice like a Opra Singer do understand Toad.
Jiriaya Nods he head thanking go she did not just cut his mini-Me down .
She Smiled So talk or you will Sing .

Example scene of your choosing

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