Omitsu The Golden Cicada

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Omitsu /Omi

Given name/Nickname









Out of Armor:
Hair color:
Dark Brown almost black hair cut short.
Eye color:
Golden Honey Color
Quit tall for girl of Suna .
she has white scare on her left side of her chin she got as child when set of Kumo Missing ninja seeking to sell her .


Very quit only speaks if absolutely needed .She very wary and cautious of Strangers like many of her clan .She quit religious praying at dawn and right at dusk to her clans Sun Spirit that take from of Gold Cicada with halo of light.She also revers the Seventail beast .Not much known of her .


Her pet Gold Sand Iguana Onimaru.Playing Harp ,Roasted Fruit glazed Scorpion on side of Goat with Fried Locus .


Large Bodies of water ,Rats ,


being Branded a outcast to her clan ,Fear of Voice being stolen by Evil Spirit or Witch and Crocodiles .


Watching Dune Swallows flying ,Sunbasking and Playing the harp .


She Does speak do her clan Superstitious Believe in Spirits they Call Voice Stealers that if hear your voice they can steal it so that no hears you scream when misfortune Falls on you .Although do her being set out side of clan she been give charm to ward of spirits .IShe will only speak if nessisary or inplrivate to person She Deeply trusts .




Sumakaza Canyon in Suna in temple of Sun God


Born to one of Wondering Nomad clans that quit religious often traveling to Temple and their Holy sites .they Superstitious Clan and very religious .many of member often serve temples right next to monks ,priest ,shine maidens and such .
Born to one higher ranking member of her clan Omitsu train to one guard to a holy Site protecting relic held their .her train would insertupted by raid done few Exiled Kumo ninja sauce to regain favor with village by bring a child with bloodline to village .This attempt failed lead to scare on her face do to the she very wary of those from lightning nation.
Both she and her clan very Wary and some what hostile to Iwa and earth nation for during war Iwa dn Earth had sent several raiding part to attempt to collect take over temples and claim Holy relic with in leading Hostility that She and her clan have toward Iwa and those of Earth nation .
At age of 12 to 15 she became one selected chosen to guard of her clan Holy relic she and her fellow guards failed and theif was able escape with several of relic .She has been chosen to track them down and retrieve the stolen relic .
Also he born one higher rank member of clan and may be one of the Future Betrothed to Wind Nation heir or to kazakage eldest or youngest if Gaara can get passed his kill everything state of mind .


Some of merchant clans that do trade with her clan ,some of fellow worshippers of Sun Spirit ,Monks ,priests and Shinemaidens of temple that clan travel to .


Bandits ,Iwa raiding Parties and extremely wary of Kumo ninja.

Love interest


Temples of Sun Gods ,her clan ,Wind Nation


high genin to Mid Chounin


ally ,Consort/Wife to Naruto or Gaara .

Requests/Extra notes

She Communitates mainly through hand gestures ,sign Language ,morse Code ,writing ,body language .
Sun Speak:
use her chakra she write in air using particular set of signs known as Sun Signs this particular and only found in Suna main by her clan .often use communicate with other .

age can also be changed too your liking .


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Solar release:
Rare bloodline often found only among very few clans or individual seen by many as one divine bloodlines by those that religious .Mainly found in Earth and Wind nation even then it extremely Rare .often seen as blessing by god a person born of often seen a good omen ,like hero ,do great good .her Clan one few as it often make often revered and target .Do this clan keep them selves quit Nomadic do this .Solar release grant those ability draw strength from sun when meditating resting fully exposed sun light they know to heal faster ,recover form sickness ,and there chakra reserves recharge faster.Solar energy this bloodline depending person may also able heal allies or he force of destruction against most enemies .The offensive ability in elements power of light and heat able blind enemies ,burn through defenses and melt through armor like Lightsaber from Starwars .

Elemental Affinities

Sub-element Solar Release ,Wind and fire


Her eyes are immune to being blind by light and see very well in dark .Her eye kind of glow a bit in dark granting her very good low light vision .Most this hidden by her mask or helmet.



Six Flying Sword Dance:
dagger on Back Become six Floating Long Sword that fly around block and attacking her enemies as she weaves among them also strike her foes.
Wings of Golden Cicada:
She use dagger project Solar energy become six Long Blades that act as wing allowing her to fly .So long as has atleast four of them acting wings .
Solar Scorching Bomb:
a Golden Burning ball of Light that detonate once hit target in explosion of searing energy often melting rock ,turning sand to glass ,leaving chard corspes of unlock catch in it .
Sun Rain:
She fires balls of solar energy out of her floating Halo that then track their enemy down explode on contact .like lock on missiles .
Sun Rays of judgement:
Hires beam out hand or her halo that then try lock on to foe .
Solar Flare:
She create ball of light that explode in flash of blinding light .
Solar Beam:
She gathers Solar energy in hand then fire a power beam of searing light .She is stationary until it done so she is variable when using this jitsu .
Solar Ray:
Sh fire none concentrated beam of energy do not have as much power as the beam she able to direct it and also stop if needed.
Sun Gods Halo:
She form a Halo of Golden Light that then she launches at enemies she let fly or direct it act foes when directing she focus on it then use hand in motion of grab or point at the intended target until it dissipates or she cancels it .

she quit skilled in Wind and fire jitsu .
Plus quit good at kenjitsu and tiajitsu she mainly uses her speed to take foe .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

she does best not rely on her solar release main use taijitsu and her kenjitsu Sun Blade Dance to kill her foes quickly with showing to much of her abilities .

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