Katsunan Kyuubi Desert Twin Fanged Fury

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Katsunan/ Fox Fang/Kyuubi Desert twin fang Fury

Given name/Nickname









Hair color and style:
Short Sandy color like see on desert ,
Facial Markings:
Whisker like marking on cheeks .
Body Build type:
Lean Muscular .
Cloths :
black pants has Black vest with Roaring Kyuubi on chest .
Head Gear:
Jaw mask of roaring or Smile Fox.
Large Kyuubi Red Cloak end divide nine steps give look like has nine tails.
Eyes Color :
Fox Golden eyes.
when angered or Enter battle eyes Glow red and become slit pupils like the Kyuubi.Do clan have some Kyuubi chakra with in them.


Moody ,not man of many words for know .Silent type most time very rare talks .Quit mysterious .Like may Seeking out God Tree's Child to aid him and release the Kyuubi.if Given the chance will try to release the Kyuubi from it prison.like to kill any Uchiha that has the Manyko Sharingan . Senju that wood release or Uzimaki that chakra chain release.


His Clan ,Maintain his Swords ,a Blood Moon,Kyuubi ,Good fight.Killing Konoha Ninja of Uchiha ,Senju or Uzimaki like especial those related to Madara , First hokage and his wife.


Uchiha Clan ,Uzimaki Clan ,Senju Clan .Especial those of related to Madara ,First Hokage ,Mito Uzimaki ,Kushina Uzimaki ,Forth Hokage .The Uzimaki Clan ,Uchiha Clan and Senju clan.


extinction of his clan


training ,Painting wilderness under light of Bloodmoon


eyes flash Gold at excitement of battle ,or become red when angry .




Some in Wind Nation


A Member of Kyuubiko clan or Children of Kyuubi.This clan serves ,revered ,Worship the great Kyuubi ,Fox Gods ,and Fox spirits .They end up suffering major loses at hand other clan this believe to have fueled some Kyuubi Rage against humanity because Attack form Nine tails became much more frequent attack clan was attacked.They suffer even more losses when Uchiha Madara came and enslave the Kyuubi using his Sharingan .This caused the clan to Scatter .They Keep ears open and to sorrow and rage they would find out that first Hokage and his Wife inprison Kyuubi .So Conflicts with Konoha and especial they three Major clans Uchiha, Senju and Uzimaki for their actions of Madara ,First hokage and his wife actions.
It said that many member of clan of Connection with Kyuubi do to this that now know for Fury and almost kyuubi like powers that grow stronger long it imprison feed of very rage of tailed beast they serves ,Worshiped and cared for .


Fox Summons ,Priest and Monks of Fox God's and spirits ,His Kitfox that travels with him


Hostilities against Konoha especial Senju ,Uchiha and Uzimaki clan.Their grudge will not subside until they kyuubi is free .

Love interest



Kyuubi ,His clan


high chounin to mid Jounin


Ally ,teacher ,protector

Requests/Extra notes

age is in late teens to 20's.


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Kyuubi Fury:
When enrages may enter state similar to Naruto entering One tailed mode .His whiskers makes more pronounced ,teeth become sharper ,nails become thick ,His overall abilities increase .His Kyuubi Fury not strongest among his clan but quit weak .He does not gain the Kyuubi shroud .He gain resistance to poison ,Slow regernation ,Heighten hearing ,reflexes ,Agility ,Speed ,Strangth ,Stamina and toughness .This may grow stronger should have interaction with Kyuubi Chakra .
Kyuubi Fire:
He able to create fire jitsu that Same red as Kyuubi Chakra this attack have same effect as if person exploded to both Fire jitsu and Corrosive nature of Kyuubi chakra .Making his fire balls very powerful and deadly .Possible poisoning his enemies .
Controlled By Fury:
those exposed to his Fox fire might get consumed by Bloodlust rage that targets their allies they then attack comrades until slain ,Until Burn up and die or Katsunan extracts Fury Chakra from them.

Elemental Affinities

fire ,wind


Fox's eyes:
he can see malice Intent with eyes .


Soldier Pills
Medic Pills
Ration Pills
Kitsune Fangs:
His twin Scimitars that on cross belt on right and left side.
Pouch of Kunei
Pouch of Shurikens


Kyuubi Fire balls:
he Creates Ball or Several Balls of Fire that then launches at foe .
Kyuubi Fang Blade:
he Coats scimitars in Kyuubi Fire to enhance power and lethality of Blades.
Multi-head Dragon Fire Ball:
Hydra like fire ball able target multiple enemies .
Kyuubi fire Bullet:
this fire Takes form Nine tails charge foe and bashing other with flaming tails and claws.
Basic Wind and Fire jitsu under his belt.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

When in Fight he Brims with aura of Bloodlust and Rage that unnerve foes .He Does toy with enemies Strike to kill with deadly fury of Blades ,hands and feet.He prefers enter combat with Blades rather then jitsu's .
Although he have unbridled Rage he is in control of it and able use to deadly effect truly mastering the fury courses through his Vains thanks to Clans connection to Kyuubi.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

He sits on top roof of Sand House begins to dip his brush into the Paint well look at canvas .His strokes precise and Slow as he begin painting .Red Glow of moon always make think of clan and origins .How Ancestor did not panic or attack great beast but wish know it .The friendship that was born between his clan and Kyuubi both watch out for other .In return both protect the other .So Kyuubi bless his clan with gifts and power and they offer him Food ,Music ,and gifts in return.They guard Kyuubi Sanctuary form outside that seek to Harsh the beast .Then he came the Cursed Uchiha that forgot history had Slayen many of clan and enslaved the Kyuubi seeing it as no more then beast and tool.But One day the Kyuubi walk world again .Uchiha and senju will remember and respect the tailed beast or Destroyed .When Kyuubi free the rage that flow between his clan and great beast will less .Now look He and other Look and Wait for Child of God Tree to come into World so that may Serve him and Hopeful bring peace between Humanity and tailed beast or at least Freedom of Kyuubi.he stops Painting and smiles under his mask other art peace finished .

Example scene of your character training

Spins again try get moment just for this move if mastered properly one land among team of ninja and kill the how squad of them given that their spaced just right or even take group of enemies that have incircles you .

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Sugared Locus are nice especial on side Teriyaki Chicken and Fried rice and Vegies.The Waitress Quit good looking to maybe He plays Card right get Compony for night .=He smiles seeing children laugh and play it remind him of his clan village hear in Wind country maybe one day clan united again instead of Scatter crossed elemental Nations.he hopes lives to see that .

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

His eyes burn with hatred see those Leaves on Head band of those Ninja One is a Uchiha .Worthy foe to crush even with might eye he deadly foe .He have Some eyes start his Collection get them Crystalized make Nice neckless .He draws his Blades Smiles the Jounin has not notices to confident that everything safe and Sound Foolish mistake it will be his last.With one Burst of Speed Land among the Konoha team Cut legs off of Uchiha in One Swing and Impales the Jounin .He Red eyes Glanse at the last two Genin that terrified .

Tell you Hokage that Children of Kyuubi do not for get those wronged them until that been wrong has been made right .My Blade will Bath in Blood of Konoha Ninja Especial those of Uchiha ,Senju ,and Uzimaki and any bloodline continues the wrong that not been made right.You may take corpse of you leader but eyes of uchiha and his Life are Forfeit .Tell his clan that have no interest in sell the eye i plan make Jewelry out of them.For until the red basterd remember their History and aid in writing the wrong that been done I will keep take eyes to make jewelry with.With one Quick movement Plucks eyes out of uchiha and Kill the Boy.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

He looks at the Puppeteer I am not hear for you just bandits and relic stolen by them i seek to return it to the temple where it blows so our interests Align Sasori of Red Sands .Warlord that leads them has several jounin ranked Rogue ninja among his forces your aid would be appreciated and reward I happen to have stash of some Senju Would and other materials that serve well in make puppets with .Sasori Smiles nothing like offer of some Puppet supplies to make him Happy .
Sasori Agrees and the Two of them head of to slay the Warlord.

Example scene of your choosing

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