Ayato of The Black Sands

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Ayato Black Sands

Given name/Nickname









Black short hair with Green Glass Scaled Vest with Wire woven cloth armor four rings on left hand ,Monks sash for around his wast,Gold Viper bracelet on right arm ,two ring on right hand.slightly taller then Temari by two inches .


mature ,Insightful ,Peaceful ,does not like to kill but will if he most ,friendly ,kind,Passionate ,


his pet Monta the Gilla Monster ,watching the setting sun ,fruit drinks




drowning do not able to swim


Glass crafting,poetry,watching the Night Active animals of desert,Making sand Sculptures



not chosen


not chosen


Ayato father was experiment with chakra collect from Ichibi using in experiment to create new bloodline ,potential host for Ichibi and Sudo-tailed beast hosts.His father Kesaku would resort extreme methods for his experiment use of citizen and some ninja .This Would anger very individual in council consider some children had been subject.Do Kesaku action He and his son where exiled.
His Last subject was his own Son Ayato.Who was only success .
Ayato was like older brother to Temari and her brother .Had good relationship with Rasa Wife.Sadly do being Both him and his Father Were Exiled do Fathers actions.Ayato can only enter Suna if Called by Current Kazakage or council and end his Exile.
During Exile Kesaku would eventual Dei from a Viper bite .Ayato would spend next few year in care of Nomad Ninja Clans of wind country and then other few year under care of some Monks learn to control his powers.then Spend year wondering the Desert Learn form Nomad Clans and Wondering Monks.
Do time monk Ayato very a Peaceful soul and thank time among many clans and villages in Wind country he often called to act as peacekeeper and ambassador between clans and groups of Wind country.
Ayato Eagerly wait to return to Suna his village of birth .He would likely teach Gaara control Bloodlust and power of ichibi.
Do younger year feared do lack ability control power with when anger being consume taint of Ichibi chakra inside of Him .Ayato like Gaara some Feared to Lesser do to this so able to relate to to being feared,Isolated ,scorned by others.


Temari ,Her Brother ,several clans of Nomads and villages traveled to and with


Slavers and Bandits

Love interest

Possible Temari or Pukka


Clans of Wind country ,Suna,Monk os Wind Country ,Nomad Clans


Chounin to low Jounin


sensai ,team leader ,tutor ,possible friend or love interest for Temari

Requests/Extra notes

he few year older then Temari.He also Called to take Place Gaara when He goes on Missions .Guarding Suna from Would be attackers.


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Glass Release:Fire and Earth
he able to create Glass out of his Sand .
Sand Release:wind and earth
Like Gaara he able take control of sand by pumping his chakra into it.

Elemental Affinities

Wind and Earth Major and Minor Fire



Valtures Wing:
A Black Cellinder gains War Fan that act storage for his Different Sand and a large Staff or Club. Fan made with reformed Glass make very sharp both use to bat foe away or Slice them .
Sun Emerald :
A Blue and green Glass Scimitar with Sand Storage Seal on it allow to become a Falcon.Scimitar his holstered on right hip
Hidden and not :
Glass Shurikens ,Senbens,knives has seal and hidden all over his body.
glass Hidden blade in his Boots
travel Cage :
for Monto On his lower back
wrist Luancher:
on his left arm it can fire Bombs ,Darts ,Crossbow bolts ,Shurikens ,Net ,Grappling Hook ,Bola and throwing knives .
Obsidian Sand:
use for Blades and spike weapons jitsu dedicate Slice living Tar out of enemies.
Cement Sand:
Used in combination with Water jitsu .once this Sand wet it become cement he often use to imprison foes or reforce offensive and defensive abilities of Sand and earth jitsu.
Blight Sand:
Sand with toxic chemical in it to poison enemies.
Conductive sand:
Sand made Metal rich rock or glass .Use to deflect lightning Jistu and redirect them at enemies through the sand .


Wind Sand Hybrid attacks:
he combines his Sand with Wind Jitsu to deadly effect.
Such create Dust devils or gales Wind with Sand and Glass in them.
Black Dust Devil:
using his Obsidian Glass he Create Black Dust Devil to eaher thread attack close to him or As attack capture them inside Black Dust Devil and Shreading very flesh from their bones.
Sand Blast:
using large to moderate Grained Sand he Blasts at foes like a Shot Gun
Shattering Dragon Bullet:
he make Glass dragon that explodes on impact raining shard in foe or exploding take multiple enemies.
Sunaryuuden:Sand Dragon Bullet
Self Explained.
Dust Devil of Blades:
he create dust with large Shard of Glass and throwing weapon Capture foes in to shred them or as Defense against foes.
Suns wrath Tomb:
Similar to Haku Demon Mirror Jitsu he create Dome of Glass Panels around foe that
reflect Suns Ray to several Dozen Rays of Scorching light.
Sun Immage:
use heat and reflection of Glass he create a Mirage of him self or other thing to trick his foes .
Unseen Blade:
he Create a very clear Peace or peaces of glass puts them at angle that enemy like not take notice before to late run right in blade or spike of glass .he killed many ninja and Bandit with this jitsu.
Field of Shards:
He Make glass burst out of the ground make hazardous feild of glass everywhere .
Glass Cage:
pretty simple he make Box or Dome of hard Glass to imprison his foes .
Devouring Sands:
Make area of Sand act to Pull Enemies into it then Crush and grinds them up .
Desert Storm:
He create a Literal Sand Storm .
Sand for Blood:
with each attack Ayato Puts sand in Enemes body that use block blood flow
Death from trillion cuts:
When choosing use Lethal force he puts micro scopic size spike balls of glass into enemies that thread their Internals such as Blood cells ,Blood vains ,Lunges as they breath.make enemy die from Internal Bleeding.
Mirror Immage:
he create image of self by reflection or genjitsu in peace glass.
Sand Glass Clone:
He make a Clone of Sand and Glass .
Glass Clone:
hard durable that shatters into shards of glass when destroyed often pelting foe it the Shards.
Ocean of Sand:
He create Sea of Sand out Area Constantly change environment to his advantage make
Cementing Sand Prison:
He use Special Concrete Sand often using Water jitsu and then hardens it with Sun reflection jitsu and fire jitsu .Weigh Down enemies or imprisoning them in concrete.
Pharaohs Guardian :
He create Giant Suit of armor Out sand and Glass to act as Golem to attack foes .He can also be inside it to provide more protection or have ally inside it.
Summon contract:Sand Worm.
Sun Ray:
He use Peaces of Glass to reflect concentrated beams of Sun like to Burn and Blind Enemies or signal allies.He often make multiple Lenses of Glass around feild so he multiple angles to fire from and will move them around the feild .
Pharaoh’s Tomb:
he Make Pirmid of Sand and Glass to Seal Foes inside then Sinks them deep into ground.
Mark of Ichibi:
When activates the dark Chakra of ichibi his skin Darkens with Blue markings of
Dijinn of IChibi :
Final Stage of Ichabi mark he become Humanoid being compose of his Obsidian Sand enhancing his speeds ,strength ,Immunity to physical attack and lightning,regenerate by using sand around him and But can be disrupted by wind ,weighed down by water ,hardened by fire .In this stage he much close in nature to Dijinn of legend be cruel and Bloodthirsty being with own Weird Sense of Honor.In this Stage his chakra increase and his skin become black as Obsident with Blue making like those of Ichibi.he can Form Claw out Glass ,turn to Sand ,insert heat so that breath out burning blast of wind or fire .
he skilled in earth and Wind Jitsu the most .But like proper ninja has jitsu of several element to counter enemy attack or defense if need to .Although not his infinity mean they take more control and chakra to use .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

He skilled in use One handed Jitsu so he can Preform two jitsu with each hand.

he rather Passive by nature Not really into Killing but will if has to .when does down right lethal .as he use sand enter body enemy.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

Example scene of your character training

Ayato Sweats as Focus Multiple Lenses of glass around him self and Larger one high in sky then aligns them form the Lense in Sky Come paint Beam of Light Melting Very Glass desert area below ,Set dummies on fire form Raw Heat.with that he smiles let the glass Fall to ground.
Ayato thoughts:
Notice self need to decrees power some other wise risk blasting self ray force of the ray.Wonder How the training Field maintenance crew going to repair this ?
I could do for them Naa they Need the work.

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Restaurant Goes Quit as see Rob figure enter .
Ayato Saddens Some seems this town has not forgotten his lose of control killing several innocents.So He sits down waiting for his waiter to come to him so may order his food and then leave.

Nine day later Ayato travel Restaurant Wagons Camps .Waiter Smiles seeing him .At first he puzzled that smile more to then normal waiter smiling at a client .Then Remember he rescued a Girl two years ago from Slaver Raid on Romad Clan .This brighten his day knowing not every body fears him in this area and see him as human being even if slight curse thanks to asshole of dad.he notice nosy kids make jokes .He happy seen this clan doing good .Severial of folks even say high and thank for helping them repel the slavers.
He see rather Rude and Roady Customer being pushy dick to one waiter he wonder if going to have to interfere but appear not as a Clan Warrior escort man out tent this Please him he now enjoy happy atmosphere of Food Tent.

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Ayato Looks Wary at Large group of raiders surrounding him it to late ask them to Retreat since recognized they Marks form groups he had killed like their hear to fight him fools .They all die may next learn may find forgiveness for sins and walk righteous path in next life.
The saddest thing is they chose to attack here at Old Volcano were plenty of Obsidian around him.Well their funeral .
the Bandit charge at him with single swipe he take one raider head clean off ,other leg ,a third he disembowls ,fourth he runs sword right though .
One Missing Ninja throw fire bullet at him he dodges with second he release his Obsidian sand Release a Massive Dust Devil of Obsidian in sent of Bandits that thread those catch in it and send shards of Glass in to about 4 other .
Last 12 try run but do right into Clear Spike and peaces of glass killing 7 out 12 .
Ayato then Release a Glass Dragon in to three of them killing two and take arm of other .One rogue try take head only find them selves grabbed by Hand of Black Sand then crushed ,second form rock armor charges but then falls cuffing up Blood .What did do to Me says Rogue ninja between Coffs Ayato Looks at him .I Blowing sand around him whole time as you breath in air you inhale small Glass Dust that has been use to thread your inside .
With last Remain Raider Ayato extract Sand they inhales form Bodies killing them then walks away leaving remains of those with bounty to for vulture .take the heads of those do have bounty on them .But before he leaves He preys for there Souls .

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

Ayato Wati for Suna team Sent to work with to take the Iwa Incursion force that seen .He comes shock seen formiliar Blond with gaint war Fan and Boy in Cat eared Hoody .its the third one catches his interest feeling chakra come from body realizes this is Gaara the hold of Ichibi.It Been long time Temari and Why is brother wearing Cat Hoody and Face of Ugly Concubine?that Cuase temari break Down Laughing and her brother to grumble .
Ayato Notice Gaara Look at both sense similar power in other .Ayato sad seeing Loneliness ,Hatred and Bloodlust in Gaara eyes .Greeting Gaara I am Ayato of Black Sand Exile of Suna.May We Complete mission with Hostilities .

Example scene of your choosing

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  1. an interesting one though i don’t really think it was a good idea to integrate it with the main cast as this is oc and need to stand alone and not start out as something connected to cast before its even written and needs to be eased into their graces or company before being anywhere near them

          1. Make sense He a exile unless council or Kazakage remove the banishment.So he constantly traveling by self , with caravans or Nomad Clans .He also Act informative informing Rasa of thing happening in Wind Country.

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