Asurami the Sidewinder

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Asurami /Sand Snake

Given name/Nickname









Short Sand brown hair,honey brown eyes with slit pupils,Full Mask design keep Sand out eyes.and use pick sound of people in Sand Storm.His Cloths have earthy Sand Color allow him blend sand that hide in.He one of Sidewinder Clan often dwelling place have sand desert home .They serve master poisoner for Suna and also Wind Country protection clans using ability slide and travel through sand .He often where mask most time only showing his true face to those trust closely.For Ninja Best weapon is to be unknown ,unseen ,and untraceable.


wary but polite and friendly .Optomistic ,But is alway wary of betrayal .Hopes for best but cause of the worst.Can be a pit of Perve.Like make Slight Hits on Temari or other attractive girls.


His Swords,kenjitsu training ,His Sidewinder Summons,taijitsu,His Snakes ,watching stars.


The Cold,Hard ground Places ,Iwa ninja,rattle Snake Clan his has Rivalry with often a love hate relation ship.


going blind and crabs ,


writing poetry ,Snake catcher ,Snake Charmer,Making Snake venom poisons.


Flickering his tongue when curious or excited. Hissing when annoyed or angry.






A Member of sand Snake/Sidewinder clan having special style based on Sidewinders.He like choosing go on his own free lancer,serving border protection of clans lands.


Some merchant Clans he help protect.


Iwa ninja and Hawks

Love interest



Suna ,Wind Nation and Clan


Mid Chounin


ambush fighter/frontline fighter/assassin/tempary enemy /future ally.

Requests/Extra notes


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Tremor sense:
he able pick up vibration from the ground like snake ,this Work in Sand ,
Snake tongue:
Like pit viper he use tongue to track and smell of enemies,
His has set fangs in his mouth that allow bite foes deliver deadly venom Depend on his Sidewinder Summoning Partner Species.

Elemental Affinities

earth and wind


Vipers eyes:
he has heat vision like snake


Sidewinder Chain:
Metal Chain Snake that often rapped around arm ,or leg.As gain more expiance he will increase them one for each limb.using chakra to manipulate this snaked head Whip cores to strike foes .Like Sidewinder from the sand often by their ankle or leg with venom that paralyzes ,cause Swelling in joints or is deadly .Possible mixture of all three. It made to look like real snake .He will use this to also as grappling hook and whip to grab and trick foes with .plus bite them with Snake head so deliver venom .
Fang Palm Gloves:
this special Gloves have fang like claws on the ring finger and pointing finger .Plus two Fangs that curl into hand and then uncurl as one strike open also called the snake hand Glove or Fang Glove.
Venom Daggers:
Poison Laced combat Knives.
two fanged Punching Dagger
twin Scimitars:
on left and right hip.
throwing knives
sand traps


Sand Storm:
Use use wind jitsu to create Dust moderate sized dust storm to blind ,confuse and disorientate his enemies.
Shifting sand:
he cause sand to shift make hard enemies to keep their footing.
sinking Sand:
he creates a pit of Quick Sand.
Wind Blade:
able create extension of sword made of wind to send wind blade at foes or increase blades sharpness.
Sidewinder Summon:
He able summon Sidewinder like all his clansmen can.often use in tandem with him self.
He has Some earth jitsu and other Common Wind jitsu .

But favors using his Sidewinder Style Combat ,Viper strike Style ,kenjitsu and snake Chain to fight.
Viper strike Style:
Use ring finger and pointing finger to strike foes leaving snake fang like puncture marks often two chakra fangs ,clawed finger use to farther add damage and poison to the strike .like many of snake styles it fast and flexible as user bend and weaves around his enemy like snake then strikes.
Sidewinder Combat style :
Made use by earth user often striking from ground like Sidewinder does then retreating back into ground delivering devastating strikes to legs of enemy then finishing them off if .

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

He prefers to ambush foes from ground send his Sidewinder Chain to strike form sands ,punching fangs ,Fang Palm ,Daggers ,or sword strike form sand then retreat to strike again.he also create sand storms to preform Silent Kills.use shifting sand to unbalance foes and make hard to predict where he coming come out of or strike form.Once blow landed often lethal laces with poison farther disorientating and killing foes.Like Sidewinder striking from the Sands.Do to this His clan special remain undetected well underground especial if their not movie make invisible to any sensory ninja .Like the sidewinder he and clan stay underground not moving for days with food or water.

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

he smiles as jar fill with venom of canyon Sidewinder he found ,now he need to collect venom of Palm tree Viper and shrub adder,Horned eyelash viper .then can begin creating his own poison .

Example scene of your character training

he get better on reaction time and strike Speed with his Snake Chain .His Parent and summon partner and please with progress so able begin his aid clan and nation.

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Wished the group four tables down would shut up he want to enjoy his podding in peace but they being so dang loud .he tempted scare out with one of his snakes but the restaurant own is retired ninja like recognize his clan symbol realize he was scare customers way.

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

he smile fool think grave unguarded they dead before they get 20 yards if not less .So time get work.he Slide though the sand on farthest in back rise snake chain out sand stake man neck before sink his body into the sand ,Second set of one Sidewinder getting bit well that going down for count in about 5 minute give or take,third and fourth he impale sword and then fifth he cut head of ,Six see Goes to strike with spear he while snake chain biting mans neck and then strike his groin .Last one throw knives right into his head.Quick and deadly just way of proper ninja.Third Start panic runs step several of Sidewinders pumping full of more venom.With about 3 minutes drops dead bleeding eyes and mouth.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

So what you two guys doing walk desert with good supply of Water and in these parts no less?Has looks at Red head with Gord on back and other one .Al he know they now push overs one like host of Sand Raccoon and other seems to radiate presence of not normal .If need direction closest watering hole that way over dune four miles near rock cropping .
So Sand Man what you doing this far away from Suna on your own ?and How your special new friend?

Example scene of your choosing

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