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Akaho/Hot head

Given name/Nickname









Fire Colored long hair ,tall then average girl

Age range 14 to young 20's


Free Spirited Girl,cheerful,friendly ,Outgoing ,Passionate ,Warm and comforting to her friends and family ,Hot ,unpredictable ,destructive and dangerous like a inferno to her enemies .when angered can be enter a Bezerker State and wrathful like fire she use .Cheerful .
In Fight She has be careful least lose self to her more dark nature .She will become more destructive ,cruel ,vindictive ,spiteful ,wicked .In way her personality become similar to Ifreeti she claim descendant form.


Dancing,Fire , watching things burn,Spicy foods ,Hot foods .colors of sun and flame such gold ,red ,auburn ,Orange Cloths.


Water ,the cold ,Being Wet ,Slavers ,Iwa ninja and Kiri Ninja do use of water.particular grudge against Yuki Clan and suigetsu Clans.


Drowning and freezing to death


Dancing ,acrobatics ,sunny bathing ,playing with fire


when angered her eye look Burn Bright like fire when angered or excited.






Akaho is member of Ifreeti clan close ties to fire drawing strength from heat ,Fire and Sunlight.Her clan Desert Ifreeti tribe mean they have Strong infinity with Wind as well as fire mean they like to develop Searing release,Scorch release among their clans men include current abilities .Akaho Family Gypsies and trade make live through dancing and trade .She first in over 30 generation seek become a Ninja.So after train some in notes from great great gramps she has know left her family totravel to suna or other ninja clan so learn way of ninja .
The Clan near volcanos often serve as with other fire clan to sooth volcanic heat ,magnum flow ,and also serve warning force when volcano going to erupt use ability to detect heat build up .They also serve as Firefighters manipulate flames and heat of wildfires os reduce of destruction ,save lives .


Anyone she can make .


Iwa ,Slavers ,Some rivalry with other fire clans and some hostility with water clans.

Love interest



Clan ,two tails


Genin to Chounin


teammate ,fellow genin ,Chounij

Requests/Extra notes

Genin or chounin


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Blood of Ifreeti:
during hottest time of the year and when suns on them.They do not suffer heat stroke or dehydration.The also Resistant to fire damage take less damage form fire jitsu .As they grow and train with fire they resistant to fire and heat increase eventual become immune to fire attacks .
Gift of the Ifreeti:
Akaho has the ability to manipulate regular fire and heat .She can also heal her self with natural fire converting into chakra to heal her self.the Ability has hard time working on Fire jitsu example manipulate fire dragon Bullet this do to made chakra of other.As Akaho grows her ability to manipulate fire chakra improves .One reason that often Enemies are advised not to fire her clan with fire .Her body also runs at ha much higher tempter then normal person .Often growing Cooler when sick or unwell.
She also increase body tempture turnskin red and hair glows like flames .She also create basic fire balls or even breath fire with use of chakra as she bitterly ignite the air .She also draw substance form ash.
Mind Like Flames:
Ifreeti Clan mind often like uncontrollable blaze overwhelming emotions ,thoughts that often over powers genjitsu of controlling type .For yanamaka clan get into their head like control a Raging inferno of emotions and thoughts .They also tend to be strong willed lashing out overwhelming emotion like inferno on mental attackers .
Fire and Air jitsu:
Optional she can unlock or use Scorch release ,Searing Wind release and possible other fire based Sub-element so long learns required element to use it .

Elemental Affinities

Major fire and some wind


Eyes of ifreeti :
She can see through smoke ,her eyes do not dry out from heat.They have chance to learn fire jitsu by sight of them


Fire resistant Cloths ,Incendiary Bombs ,Oils ,Smoke bombs ,Fire Kanei ,Spark Kanei ,fire Shurikens ,Spark Shurikens ,Oil Spray Shurikens .Oil Bomb,Gas Flame Bomb ,Nitro Powder bomb.
Ruby Ember:
Red and Gold Scimitar with Ruby Blade with Golden edge.


Fire jitsu:
Pretty much any and every fire jitsu she learn and use.
wind Jitsu :
next fire very nice amount of them.
Fire and Wind jitsu:
She can combine her wind element to her fire to increase it range and power .
Forge the Flame:
She creates Weapons out flames that are near solid allow her block enemy attacks ,Burn though armor and weapons .This grow stronger as she does .She after creat first weapon can change shape at will so long as holding flame .
She create Illusion of out heat .
Fire exploding Clone:
She create a Clone can Explode into flames.
Ashe form:
She turn to ash to evade move around a foe.
torch Blazing palm:
She form Condense Flame like jet engine in hand and feet allow propel her self form ,Limited Flight and Melting power like Welding torch .
torch Bullet:
She fire condense ball of flames that melt through enemies .
taijitsu:Dance of Flames
Her style is Like Dance Flame Scorching enemies weaving around blows flow like flames .This main style of combat a true dance of fire.
ifreeti Cruelty:
This is state of mind that must careful not reach when in a fight .In this state she
take aspect of Darker nature of her clan become Slow more more cruel ,Sadistic ,Prideful ,Wrathful .She worry about being consumed by nature many of clan become evil by losing selfs in it .In this state mind she cruel often raining her victims and delighting in their suffering .
Ifreeti Fury:
This both state of mind and a style of combat .When this state Style focus on rage and fury ,unrelenting force of fire destroy her enemies with mercy.She enters a bezerker Rage with it’s destructive fury.
Torch Ray:
Fire long beam of Flames lIke Welding torch got crazy.
Child of Ifreeti :
she taps into bloodline her body star glow life blames ,hair looks like flow flames.
Born of the ifreeti:
full form of clan Bloodline Her skin red like fire ,her eyes glow as made of fire ,her hair rise and wither as it become flames .
Ifreeti Form:
Basic master of Clans Bloodline become being compose of Fire ,Smoke and ash.In this state she completely immune to any source of heat except for Black Flames of underworld.
heavenly Ifreeti:
Very rare State taping into fires of Divine Focus will heal ,protect and destroy evil .These flames heal allies and burn those of evil intent and evil spirits.Flames of body gain White and Gold Color to them .
Underworld Ifreeti:
One Clans treasured and most dangerous Jitsu that draws power form the underworld its self.in this state they enter Ifreeti form that skin become pale like ash and flames often ghostly blue and black .wielding to type fire Black fire of underworld ,Cold Fire of Death ,Soul fire Burn very life force of enemy.In this state she most kill at least one enemy or Her own life is forfeit to Underworld .The BlackFlames will consume her.
Ifreeti of Creation:
Final Form Master all three of Ifreeti forms she able all types of fire and sub element that has fire as requirement such Ghost flame ,Underworld flame ,heavenly fire ,Cold Fire ,Steam ,Boil ,Magma ,Ashe ,Ember ,Coal ,Lava ,Searing ,Solar ,Scorching , Withering Touch and Molten release.This is the Ultimate Master and sage mode for her clan .often takes years to decades to master.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

She not really a Planning type more like Flames she unpredictable how going to attack and just as uncontrollable in a fire .
She Live life like fire with passion same vigor in combat for You never now when you flame going to be snuffed out .

Scene examples

Example scene of your character going about doing their favorite thing

She dances like Flame on Candle Swaying as they instruments play .many crowd watching her in wonder and lust .Her clan know for most passionate souls in lands .After the band of trail bard quits she head eat some spicy Curry

Example scene of your character training

Concentrated Flames Small amount of Black fire one her finger try to control it .The grandpas was not kidding said that black fire hardest to control seeking to claim life so with she burns small fly to satisfy Shimigami so know power gifts the clan is not payed his do .So far only do single small fire ball of it after that she out of chakra and weak.
Able go two second in Smoke form .

Example scene of your character eating at a busy restaurant

Just because clans know to be passionate souls and free spirited does not mean that she Sex free too.She Just want eat her food and go to bed not get hit on my this prick and three Chums .One Prick then try to grab her but .She Heat hand up and grabs his balls look him into eyes .I Said leave me alone so eat i am not interest i am not a Whore ,gaisha or prostate for you and three buddies So unless want you balls to remain Blister and fire free then Go away .With that they run she smiles final her hot food is ready and no more pricks to interrupt her meal .

Example scene of your character fighting or running for their life

Slavers just what she need some these scum to vent some of her energy on and try few of jitsu on .she grabs a handful of sand heats to bring hot and then use wind bullet to launch burning sand eyes closest asshole ,Their She turn to scream Barbecue has she shoots stream of flame into him ,third she draw scimitar Melts through his sword and cleaves body in two ,fourth she Plunges a Burning hand into him,fifth she strike spear of flames ,six through ninth she shoots with Flame Arrows burning them alive and last one she hits with Fire Kanei in back skull.

Example scene of your character meeting another character of your choosing

That was Cool what did with Sand crush those Assholes to pulp .let be friend what your name? my is Akaho and are you Ninja that cool i try become one my self .Gaara stares wondering if girl brain Damage she just say him crush 12 bandit to pulp and want to be friend.I am Gaara he really not sure how to deal with this girl she seem to smell of Ash ,Smoke and has energy like Child on a Sugar rush.Shakaku says that one of few clans he like they never bothered him and would offer their criminal to him as Sacrifices .Plus even small number them could turn lot of him into glass with their fire and heat .Make dangerous enemies .

Example scene of your choosing

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