Wandering Wise Man

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old man, old sage

Given name/Nickname









always seen wearing dark blue Japanese styled monk robes. a deep rice hat that covers most of his face from the sun. and the constant jingling of his shakujō as he walks


the old monk is like everyone grand father. he enjoys spreading his wisdom to the world and is extremely patient. willing to wait, listen. and help guide others to the path they seek to walk


teaching, nature, insects, animals, people, quietly meditating, sharing wisdom


refusal to learn, bigotry,




shogi, meditation, conversation


never stays in one place for long. and many times gets lost on his travels.

his name is long forgotten. whenever asked what his name is. the old man would simply wave it away. "i'm just and old monk passing though. no one important"






 ((i’m terrible at trying to make this sound interesting. so just the generals))

born in the land of whirlpools. became an orphan when his parents never came back from a mission at 1 year old. at the age of ten, he left uzushiogakure to join a group of monks. more interested in knowledge. then fighting.

learning with the monks until the age of 20. he set off to explore the world and learn as much as he could. feeling a pull for travel and adventure. never with a destination in mind. he just wandered until he found something interesting.

throughout his travels he met many people. and learn many things. he watched wars come and go. watched villages and towns rise and fall. met people that would one day change the world. at the end of his travels. now 80 years old. the man meditated on his life. eventually gaining enlightenment.

now, the old monk travels again. but this time not to learn. but to teach. and to guide


the solitary monk had many friends along the way. passing acquaintances as he travels. but always moving forward, they drifted away


hes just an old monk. no one important enough to have enemies

Love interest

found love once. and for a time traveled with her. but that was a time long ppast







Requests/Extra notes

((i apologize ahead of time for my example scenes. i'm fine with concept and world/character building. but actually writing a story is something a fail at hard. my scenes are super rough and terrible written. just bear though them to get the idea in them))


Kekkai Genkai(s)

luck, somehow he is always in the right place. at the right time. guided by an unseen hand out of danger. or to those that need his guidance. he follows this pull as he travels, always ending up. exactly where he needs to be

Elemental Affinities




monk robes, rice hat, shakujō


Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

he is not a fighter, but wisdom and strategy that could put even a nara to shame

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an old monk wanders down a long winding path though the woods shakujō jingling with every step, a small smile graces his lips, unaware of the bandit. silently stalking him. a small squirrel wanders up to the old monk, the old monk smiles wider. and reaches into his robs. to take out a small peace of bread, bending over to feed and gently pat the small animal. an arrow whistles through the air. passing straight over top the crouching old monk. the squirrel takes it’s food and scampers off. the monk straitens his old back. and continues on his way.

the bandit curses under his breath, the monk just had to bent over just as he loosed his only arrow. grumbling quietly to himself. the bandit stalks forward. bringing out a small knife ready to strike. suddenly, the ground gives way. and old hunting trap long since forgotten and covering in the brush of the trees. the bandit walls into the small pit with a thump, hitting his head on the hard rock and passing out.

the old monk hearing a crash turns back. looking at the empty woods behind him curiously. not seeing anything the old monk simply shrugs, and continues on his way

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a young man stands upon the cliff, gazing down upon the village he calls home. red eyes with thee commas spin slowly.

jingling sounds behind him. the slow steady steps of an old monk as he wanders up to the top of the hogake monument the night breeze ruffling his robes as he comes to stand next to the young man. peering out over the village.

wizened old eyes look over the shining lights of the village as the light up the dark night. the old monk starts to speak. seemingly to himself “there is an old riddle a man once told me. when i got lost in the woods” the old monk turn to the young man “do you like riddles?”

red spinning eyes glance briefly at the monk before returning there gaze to the village below, not answering the old man.

the old monk chuckles softly to himself and continues unhindered “you find yourself on a mountain path. in front of you, the path splits. the path to the left, leads off a shear cliff. leading to death. the path to the right, his covered in poisonous snakes. leading to pain and misery” the old monk pauses for a moment and looks to the young man “what path would you walk?”

red eyes once more glace at the old monk, a single eyebrow raised in slight curiosity. still not a word spoken, he simply waits for the monk to continue

the old monk smiles softly “the answer is to turn around. and walk the path you came from” the old monk looks up to the dark sky and the bright moon “on the path of life, you must understand that the at times it seems you only have two choices to make. but there is always another path to walk” the old monk turns back to the young man and raises an old finger. gently pointing to his chest “follow your heart” he raises his finger to the young mans forehead “and your mind. think carefully of your options. and forge your own path through the darkness”

the old monk turns, and makes his way back down the mountain the soft jingling of his shakujō each step of the way


((this scene would be itachi uchiha a few nights before the uchiha massacre))

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  1. Make Me thing few of My Monks especial My Lantern Monk .How often serve to help the grieving ,aid souls to after by lead them to temples ,holy sites and preform burial rights for them .His Lantern is meant help guy souls of dead so constantly traveling so guide these passed souls to after through various holy site ,town they called ,home ,and some times delivering last wish and massages of those who have died that he heard well they passed.

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