Wataru Ishioku

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He has a very lean build with just the right amount of bulk to avoid looking overly thin, his skin is incredibly pale just short of white. He wears nothing but a form fitting black shirt made of a very durable elastic fabric on his upper body that protects it from slashing attacks for a bit. Though he does put on a cloak when the weather is especially cold. On his back he carries a large scythe with an unusual design (google Kei Takanashi scythe and look at images). On his lower body he wears a red cloth that's tied around his waist (google Hisoka hunter exam and you'll get it) where he hides a weapons pouch and standard navy blue shinobi pants that stop just above his ankles, where he has red wrappings that lead to his standard grey shinobi sandals. His face is very sharp and angular with little to no fat on it, he has narrow yellow eyes with an amber tint mixed in, which usually contain a glint of mischief and amusement. his mouth is very thin and is also usually curled upwards in a teasing smirk. On his right cheek he has a black tattoo of the Kirigakure shinobi symbol that he had crossed out when he turned rogue, on his left cheek he has a flame tattoo. He has wavy royal blue hair that is slicked upward in a gravity defying fashion, it bears resemblance to a flame. (I added the weapon because a huge scythe on your back would be a big part of your look)


Prior to his father's death, Wataru was very inexpressive usually keeping to himself while honing his ninja ability. The only topic that he took interest in was the ancient ninja of the warring-states era, where he was of the opinion that they outclassed the modern shinobi by a great degree. After his mother died his personality changed drastically. Outwardly he became extremely arrogant and contemptuous to everybody usually taunting people about their weakness with his now common, teasing smirk on his face. Wataru is a master at acting, usually able to affect any emotion or convey any lie without fail or suspicion being cast his way to anyone below the level of an ANBU Captain. Even without his acting Wataru is rarely flustered or panicked usually keeping his teasing and contemptuous attitude in every situation. He only respects those who can give him a challenge in combat and those who are able to hold their own against multiple enemies of around equal skill, Wataru dislikes team work as he feels that shinobi rely too much on it and it is the reason shinobi standards have fallen so much since the warring-states era. He only participates in teamwork when pitted against an enemy he knows is superior to him, albeit grudgingly. Wataru is not to be mistaken for arrogant though. He is a powerful shinobi in his own right after all. So it's not arrogance if he truly is above the level of his opponents.


Likes: Fire Jutsu, Earth Jutsu, powerful opponents, his scythe, spicy curry, beautiful scenery, secluded places to train, and dramatic flare.

Wataru's favourite food is spicy curry which he feels helps him use his fire jutsu better when thinking of the searing heat that it leaves on his taste buds.


Dislikes: Weaklings, Hashirama Senju, Konoha, sour food, and genjutsu.

In contrast to his respect of Madara Uchiha, Wataru absolutely hates the man's rival, Hashirama. He blames Hashirama for the weakness of modern ninja seeing as he was the one who ended the warring-states era which lead to the decline of powerful opponents. He hates Konoha by association since, "those damn tree huggers love their 'precious' teamwork too much". He dislikes genjutsu because he believes that it is a cowardly way to defeat an opponent despite its effectiveness.


Never becoming as strong as Madara.


Honing his skills, especially with taijutsu, ninjutus, and his scythe. He also likes to find nice scenery to look at preferably in a secluded and quiet location in his downtime when he takes breaks from training.

Other Hobbies: Studying ninja history, finding new curry recipes, and meditating.


His favorite way to kill someone is to quickly hook his scythe around their neck and coat it in fire chakra to quickly behead them, all in one fluid motion. He also likes to set enemies on fire from afar by coating shuriken with fire chakra.


January 12


Kirigakure, Land of Water


He was born in a wealthy home in Kirigakure. His father is a successful merchant and his mother was a former Jonin kunoichi of Iwagakure who retired early due to a career ending injury. For the most part of his childhood he spent most of his time in the manor library where he developed his hobby of studying ninja history. Discovering Madara Uchiha when he was 5 years old was the turning point that lead him down his current path. He formed his beliefs after reading up on Madara’s story and formed a huge respect for the man. At 6 years old he expressed his wish to become a shinobi to his mother who oversaw his training for 6 years (he never attended the academy). She died when Wataru was 15 years old on a getaway with his father in an attack by a team of low chunin level rogue shinobi from Kumogakure who were hired by a business rival to kill his father. His father returned home a broken man where he killed himself a week after from grief. This left Wataru with quite an extensive fortune which he inherited after his father’s death. Contrary to what you might expect, despite loving his parents very much, their death only solidified his philosophy of teamwork weakening shinobi. If his mother trained more she could have defeated the rather weak group of rogues, and if the rogues didn’t rely on each other so much they wouldn’t have died along with his mother. These events lead to Wataru becoming the person he is.


Wataru is a rather solitary man who doesn't bother with things such as friendship. (Feel free to give him friends though if you want Black)


Any pretentious shinobi who boast about skill they don't have, the Hokage, and Konohagakure in general. (Though he won't act on this aggression for obvious reasons)

Love interest

(Do with this as you wish)


Nobody but himself (though he would pledge his loyalty to a certain organization from Naruto Canon ;) )


On the same level as the Seven Swordsman of the Mist (Officially was a Jonin prior to going rogue)


Heavy Hitter, Mid Range, Long Range

Requests/Extra notes

please find a use for him in Jin Arashi lol, as I would definitely like to see him fulfill a cool role in the story.


Kekkai Genkai(s)

None though he does have an extremely high affinity for fire.

Elemental Affinities

Fire and Earth


None though he is interested in stealing a pair of Sharingan.


He has a decently large scroll on his back to carry essentials with him such as rations, camping gear. and the such. Also on holstered on his back is his huge scythe made of specially forged chakra metal which he can channel fire chakra though to burn his enemies every slash as well as slice through them easier (like a hot knife through butter lol). He wears some light armor from the warring-states era on his torso over his durable shirt. He has a hidden weapons pouch under the cloth he wears on his waste. He always keeps a notebook and ink pen on him to note down things of interest.


Basics: Substitution, Clone, Transformation, Camouflage

Fire Jutsu: Most of Madara’s jutsu from the anime though not on his level of power just yet. Can coat his weapons in fire chakra to increase damage. Especially with his scythe. His fire jutsu though come out blue instead of red though as he has an extremely high fire affinity. Also most used fire style jutsu in the anime. (might update)

Earth Jutsu: Do whatever you want for this though I might update it.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

His intelligence is mostly book smarts from his childhood of studying. Teamwork is obvious as he is anti-teamwork, Genjutsu is no good as he knows none but he can break out of them, Taijutsu, speed. and stamina tie into each other as training in taijutsu is bound to make your stamina better, and speed as well. His strength is also extremely high due to taijutsu. Ninjutsu is one of his main focuses as he wants to get to Madara's level.

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  1. I’m majorly a fan of this character, and I’m glad I waited a few days to begin working on Jin Arashi, as while I was reading over this character, I had an idea form in my head for where to use him. I will have to run it past my co-author of course, but I think he’ll agree. Expect to see this character in Jin Arashi soon!

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