Kawaki Satou

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Tunnel rat or Beast From Beneath

Given name/Nickname









albino this includes pale white skin red eyes and silver hair. Kawaki wears a leather tunic and pants along with a burlap hood and a pair of goggles.

as for accessories Kawaki wears a small sack on his left side to carry precious minerals and metals to use to defend himself on his right side he wears a crude and worn down pickax the he was able to swipe from an old mined out gold mine that was used to provide the Kazekage his gold dust


Reserved and withdrawn being self raised after being abandoned by his parents Kawaki had to provide for himself. So he has become very wary of most people as trust to does not come easy to him.


Kawaki enjoys creating new tunnels and underground rooms. He also enjoys finding new metal and ore deposits with which he can make into new and interesting objects out of them some of which sells for supplies


he dislikes the looks of revulsion that he gets when he comes into the city to sell his wares. He also dislike those who flaunt there wealth that they did not have to work for.


he fears a tunnel collapse in his vast network and being trapped underground.


He like practicing with his metal release making interesting statues and figurines. He also enjoys uncovering crystal formations under ground and the way the sparkle under the light of his torch.


As he has been alone for most of his life he has little to no social or communication skills.

Due to his albinism he is somewhat sensitive to light


July 15th




Kawaki’s story begins long before he was born with the story of his father a child born out of wedlock from a one night stand between the Thrid Kazekage and a young woman who wanted to give birth to the child of a kage so that she may live a comfortable life of luxury as the wife of a kage.

Sadly for the woman this did not work as it seems that the Third Kazekage was a traditional man and would only truly recognize the children that his wife gave birth to and so with her plans dashed to pieces not truly wanting the child she had birthed she abandoned him in an orphanage and never looked back.

But the story does not end there the as even without parent to raise him Kawaki’s father Sagan went on to lead a productive and happy life and ended up marrying a young girl named Rapisu he met while selling his wares in a stall at the market place and went on to have child with her.

What Sagan did not know is that his wife was very vain woman and when young Kawaki was finally born and saw that her child was afflicted with albinism  instead of the look of love Sagan gave to his child when he was born Rapisu gave a look of disgust and was immediately appalled by what she had given birth to.

Knowing she could not get rid of the child immediately as it would look very bad for her and that her husband seemed to truly love the little freaky she had given birth to she bided her time until the perfect time where she get rid of the child.

And then when Kawaki was 5 Rapisu’s golden opportunity presented itself as while out at the marketplace with kawaki a giant sandstorm hit blinding all around this gave her the perfect opportunity to do what she had always dreamed of and get rid of poor Kawaki.

As the sandstorm raged and the people around her scurried to tie down their stalls and take shelter Rapisu lead a trusting little Kawaki out into the desert to finally get rid of child that had been the plague on her life so she lead him deep into the desert where she knew he could never find his way back into her life again.

Making her way back to her home Rapisu thought up a story to tell her husband as to not keep him from suspecting her so when she finally got to her home Rapisu told Sagan a sob story about how after the sandstorm had started she was separated from Kawaki and looked everywhere for him.

Hearing this Sagan quickly gathered up a search party to search for his beloved son and so Sagan and the search party combed all of suna til nightfall but to no avail not finding a trace of Kawaki or where he could have gone so Sagan went home devastated into the arms of his waiting and secretly elated wife to mourn the loss of his son.

But unbeknownst to anyone young Kawaki had blessed with an extremely powerful earth release allowing him to tunnel under the desert giving him a place to hide from the harsh and unforgiving sandstorm and so began the story of young man who would come to be known as the Tunnel Rat.

During his early years Kawaki began creating a network of tunnels that allowed him to travel with relative ease and comfort across the desert along with making a large dome shaped room in the middle of all the tunnels acting as he main base it is built around the opening of an underground spring where he gathers most of his clean drinking water.

As time went on Kawaki discovered his metal release as he came across one of the old mine shafts that were used to mine the gold dust and precious metals while looking around he found and old pickax wedged into the side of walls of the shaft thinking that the pick may be very useful for him in the future Kawaki went to retrieve it as he tugged and pulled as hard as he could but it did not budge but on the last tug the metal responded to Kawaki’s will and warped the area of the pick in wall to make it easier for him to pull it out.

After seeing what he could do to the pick Kawaki began to practice manipulating ores and other metal objects to hone his abilities soon Kawaki was able to create small little trinkets that he could sell for money to buy food and supplies.

Now that he had a steady form of stable living Kawaki began to start training his abilities in earnest learning that he had a weak lightning affinity allowing him to imbue the quartz crystals that lined the walls of his tunnels with a golden glow along with his new form of light he discovered while running from pack of hyenas that he could whip up sand storms that would obscure the vision of anyone around.

So with life going mostly well for Kawaki he could not help but look towards the future and wonder what would come next. [the rest is up to you black]


during his one of his first tunnel digs Kawaki came across a young kit fox that had become trapped in a collapsed piece of sandstone. feeling sorry that he might have inadvertently caused harm to this young animal harm Kawaki nursed the young fox back to health in doing so gained a lifelong friend that he named amber.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kit_fox link to what a kit fox is


a family of badgers that he disturbed while digging tunnels.

Love interest

none but open to it


mostly to himself but hold some loyalty to the village of Suna


at the moment civilian


supporting character possible friend to gaara

Requests/Extra notes

Extra summery as there is a character limit i am gonna put the rest here: because he does not trust easily he will not lead his team near his main base even when guiding them through the desert as he does not trust them enough to bring them there.

This will be a short description of the tunnel system and the main room where Kawaki stays.

Alright we start off with the tunnel systems the main tunnel that are used to gather ore are 20ft wide and 7ft tall with pieces of quartz jammed into the wall and lit by Lightning Release Crystal lantern when sloping down stairs made with earth release can be seen on the floor.

The traveling tunnel are smaller at 5ft wide and 6ft tall and have notches in the sides of the wall to place torches for lighting
and now for that main chamber which is in the lowest part of the maze of tunnels.

The entrance to the main chamber is the an unassuming dead end at one of the bottom tunnels and can be accessed by earth manipulation the main chamber is dome shaped room 20ft tall and is 100ft wide in the middle of the room is a well that connects to an underground lake with fresh water. On one side is large square box inside which is a large furnace used to cook and smelt metals to make new equipment on the otherside we see a raised slate slab on top of which is a mattress that was made from tumbleweeds stuffed into a large leather pouch.

on the ceiling of the main chamber we find a enormous crystal cluster which provides the lighting for the chamber and is turned on an off via Lightning Release Crystal Lantern now we go back to walls to the third wall closest to the furnace room we find a tanning rack to dry meats with salt found under the desert and tan hides to create new leather clothes.


Kekkai Genkai(s)

Metal release and magnet release

Elemental Affinities

Strong earth release as well and fire and lightning




pickax,goggles,a mediocre hardhat and a torch


*note as Kawaki had no proper lessons on chakra flow and hand seals most of his jutsu are sealless and are slower to activate but as he grows and learns he will become more proficient in this as he gains more practice

Fire release jutsu: Kawaki did not have many options for fire release as the element is not commonly used in suna but he got lucky in one of his scavenging hunts his came across and old scroll for a fire starting jutsu making this one of the few he needs hand seals for.

His other fire release jutsu was created after an accident overpowering the fire starting jutsu  and hitting some sand around him and glassing it this discovery lead to him creating a new jutsu.

The jutsu he created after this was one that allowed him to glass an area of sand near or around him ill call it fire release cracked ground he uses this in two different ways  the first way is  he glasses the area under his enemy changing the terrain and throwing off their foot causing slip up momentarily he uses this opportunity to either attack his enemy or get away while they are thrown off.

The second way Kawaki uses Cracked Ground is glassing the area around him shatters it and launches it with a basic earth jutsu sending a shards of glass towards his enemy.

For his lightning jutsu he has one that can light up quartz deposits ill call it lightning release crystal lantern.

His most powerful affinity is earth that allows him to easily create tunnels for him to travel through by hardening the sand in sandstone so that he can travel through the desert unnoticed and keep cool underground.


other earth related jutsu/abilities able to whip up sand into sand storm, able to harden most types of earth and launch it at high speeds, can create pit falls by turning the earth under peoples feet into sand or loose dirt.

Earth genjutsu crystal sandstorm: grinds up a quartz crystal and tosses the quartz dust into a sandstorm he whips up the person or people caught in the sandstorm will be blinded by light refracting off the quartz dust and begin to be lacerated by the crystal and sand blowing around them and for an added blinding effect he can add lightning chakra to quartz dust making the light coming off them the dust even brighter making anyone in the sandstorm completely blind .

Metal release jutsu’s/metal manipulation abilities

able to manipulate metal into different shapes the process is slower with unfamiliar metals as he must get used to the composition of the minerals. He can use this ability to shape his pickax into a spear and pike, another part of the ability is to create metal spikes and either launch them or situate them in his pitfalls.

able to extract the precious metals from ores with out the need to smelt them.

Magnet release abilities: at the moment he can levitated the move around metal object and may gain further abilities as he grows and learns.

magnovision: after beginning he tunnel network kawaki soon learned that his magnet release gave him second type of sight within a 1000 ft radius he is able to sense any metal or ore in that area around him giving him a much needed advantage in finding new metals and sense those people with metal on them in the vicious sand storms that plague the suna desert.

Fighting style: hit and run tactics using the desert or ground as mode travel and attacking his foes from beneath them and either dropping them into metal spike filled pit or pulling them under and hardening the sand around their head to asphyxiate them.

But in cases in which he need to fight straight on he is no slouch as the years of backbreaking labor underground has made him tough and very strong using this he will normally try to attack people with his pickax and brain them if he cant do that he will obscure their vision with sand or crystal dust he keeps in his pouch and go in for the kill.

Specific skills

















Hand seal speed








Special information

Scene examples

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As kawaki sat under the eerie golden glow of crystal light he had his red eyes fixated on the almost flowing form of the copper metal floating in between the palms of his two hands as he shaped it having it shift into different shaped from a sphere to cube to spiky ball finally settling on the shape of small fox running wiping the sweat from his brow he set his newest creation to the side and laid back to rest as this last figurine had taken it out of him.

Example scene of your character training

Sounds of metal and stone colliding  echoed throughout the main chamber of Kawaki’s tunnel network as he manipulated his ores and pickax to hack away at cube of granite that he had raised up earlier that day to carve out a support pillar for the main room.

As the pickax now morphed into the shape of crude spear impaled itself deep into the dense block of granite causing a spider web of cracks to radiate from the area where the pick turned spear embedded itself.

Kawaki stood there admiring how much deeper he had been able to get the spear in the cube the last time so after he was done taking in how much he improved he took out a rag from his side and wiped away the sweat and chunks of stone for his face.

After cleaning himself up Kawaki went to retrieve his weapon of choice as he walked up the great granite cube he slowly began to use his magnet release to gather up the ores and metal tool that had scattered across the grand cavern that he occupied and drew them back into his pouch as to not lose his means of defense.

Now that he had gathered up his tools Kawaki walked up to granite cube and began to pull on the handle of the pickax while doing this he slowly began to morph and shape the pick back to its original shape in doing so he was able to unwedge his pick from the giant cube of stone.

Glad to be done with his latest training session Kawaki fell back on to his bed which had made by gathering quite a few tumbleweeds and sowing them into leather sack and lay across at smoothed out area in the main chamber.

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