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You have to have an account on the website and be logged in to read the latest chapters in development. Login here.

All current story content is available under the Books main menu option. To see all versions (rough drafts, drafts, release candidates, final public releases) of chapters, select All Posts under the Books menu. Currently, there are two versions of COTK for Book 1. R2 was the first attempt and was scrapped after the author realized it was a failure. R3 is the third, and “last” attempt. You can read the R2 if you want, it has fifteen chapters, you’ll have to find them under All Posts. However, they are not relevant to the story anymore.

Open the FAQ about chapters to learn more.

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There are four different types of chapters, and they are created in a certain order. Each new version will replace the older version. Example: Chapter 7, Rough Draft 3 is refined and will be replaced with Chapter 7, Draft 1

Rough Draft

When the author writes a brand new chapter, it’s posted as a “Rough Draft.” This means it will have bad grammar, and not everything has been entirely thought out. This version of chapter can have multiple versions, aka, Rough Draft 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Chapters can change drastically during this stage. Comments are extremely appreciated as it helps the author refine the chapter.


At some point, the author will go back and solidify the rough draft, this could happen anywhere between a week, or six weeks later. Drafts are more refined versions of a chapter, and from this point forward the chapter is highly unlikely to change drastically.

Comments are still extremely appreciated on these.

Release Candidate

This is the last chance for people to give their thoughts and catch any major issues in a chapter. Chapters on this stage won’t stay like it for very long, less than a week in most cases.

All this version signifies is that it’s almost finished. Some minor changes may be made.

Final Release

The Chapter will be run through a grammar program (Grammarly), and then rigorously examined for spelling errors and bad sentence structure by the author and Beta readers.

All comments and submitted revisions to the chapter at this point will be fully reviewed if they haven’t been already.

Then the chapter is posted, and left alone. It won’t be edited until the book is finished, where there will be one last review of the entire book by the author.

Revisions applied to a Final Release will be looked at in this final stage, and may or may not be accepted. Small grammar mistakes, consistency throughout the book, and other such minor things will be addressed at this point.

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There are three types of “points” you can earn on this website.

They are:

  • Yen
  • Chakra (Will be explained when relevant)
  • Yōkai (Can only be earned by Authors)

Yen is the primary point system. Participating in the community and on the website earns you Yen. Such things as daily visits to the site, leaving a comment, rating a chapter, and favoriting a post earn you Yen.

Yen is what allows you to rank up as a civilian. Currently, only the fourteen civilian ranks are available to be earned. The list of ranks for Civilian can be found here, or you can open the FAQ about ranks to learn more.

If you fully set up your account, pfp, bio, and cover photo, you will receive 400 Yen.

You earn 5 yen for daily visits, and if you visit the site daily for 7 days you receive a bonus.

Rating a post will get you 10 yen.

Commenting on a rough draft earns you 45, drafts earn 40, Release Candidate 30, and Final Releases 30. You receive 35 yen for commenting on blog posts.

You earn 100 yen for an OC published, but it is limited to once per week.

Commenting on OC’s is worth 15 Yen.

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Ranks allow you to proudly display your participation in the community. Each rank level is increasingly harder to get, and earns you bragging rights. Additionally, those with higher ranks will more often be noticed and listened to by the author.

There are three sets of ranks: Civilian, Shinobi, and Kage.

Civilian is the basic rank, and upon making an account, you immediately are awarded the Traveler Civilian Rank.

Shinobi Rank is currently disabled and will be explained later on.

Kage rank is for authors only, and are extremely hard to rank up. Each requires an extreme amount of Yōkai and are meant to be a way to display dedication as authors. (More will be explained later)

This FAQ will only explain the first couple of Civilian ranks, if you wish to read more about them, the ranks for civilians can be found here.

The first rank you earn is Traveler, and is equivalent to being a “noob” on the website. Upon setting up your account (profile picture, background picture, and description), you will immediately earn the House Owner Rank. This shows that you are at least not dead. Neither of these ranks are ones you want to stay at, being the very basic levels.

The next Civilian Rank is Farmer. It requires 800 Yen to earn, which can be gained by reading chapters and commenting on them, rating the post, and favoriting it if you liked it.

If you have discord, you can read the FAQ about linking your Website account and Discord account to have your ranks sync with the Discord server and be displayed there in chat.

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Currently, the best way is to join the discord server, which you can by putting in the code: yewTGGX

Announcements are made in the #cotk-announcements channel every time a new chapter comes out.

We hope to eventually send out emails when new chapters are posted, though this feature is not currently working.

Other than that, you can regularly check the website. Visiting daily gets you Yen as well, so might as well.

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If you’ve somehow managed to find this site without joining the discord, kudos.

If you currently do not already have a discord account, go to https://discordapp.com/ and make one. From there, add a server and put in the code yewTGGX

Welcome, and we look forward to seeing and talking to you.

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First, you need to edit your profile, and make sure the section for your discord ID is filled in correctly. We suggest copy and pasting from discord, as it is case sensitive. Don’t forget the # and numbers following it.

Now, in discord, type ++link (the name of your website account)

Your account will be linked by the Blackright709.com bot, and kept up to date every thirty minutes.

Thank you to JustBru00 for creating the bot.

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Besides the obvious reason of earning Yen, and ranking up to then be able to brag to those who haven’t.

It helps the author create better content, and see that people are enjoying their content, or disliking it. Chapters take a tremendous amount of effort to create, and you can show that you appreciate the effort by commenting.

And, you get Yen. Did I say that already?

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