COTK: Book 1: Blind Sight

Naruto, Prince of the Land of Wind, has gone as Miyasato his entire life, blind, and confined to the Daimyo palace for his safety. People are after him, and as his eight birthday draws near, it is decided he must train to become a Shinobi in Suna, despite being blind. Rasa and Gaara arrive at the palace, and Gaara decides he is a threat… (Rewrite of Child of the Kaminoki, Book 1)


SATM: Jin Arashi: The Storm Amongst The Mist

Life can spiral down like a twister in an instant, This is what happened for Jin Arashi when an insane Mizukage decides to provoke a civil war. Now Jin has to learn the horrors of war. With the thought of protecting his little sister filling his head. How will he help end this war?