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Hey everyone, it’s been a bit, but I’m here now.

A lot of stuff has happened, though I do wish I had more progress to show for you in written word. I’ve made long strides mentally and in my personal mindset with regards to my writing.

However, I’ve certainly neglected you all.

So here’s what’s happening.

I’m going to be posting a rough draft of Chapter One of the third revision of COTK.

Yes, I’m now on the second attempt to rewrite this story successfully. The first attempt (R2) addressed a lot of gaps and resolved corners I painted myself into in the original story, but it also exposed new gaps in the back story. With the help of a number of contributors such as EmpoweredHotcake, TheLegendaryOne, Kirow, Hellman, and tensleep, I have built a comprehensive backstory to address these gaps and avoid being painted into any more corners further into the story (no, you can’t peek at the backstory… no spoilers!). I have no plans to change the story from what I have now.

The reason I’m posting only one rough draft chapter right now as opposed to all four chapter rough drafts I have written so far, at the same time, is because we have something new to try.

There is new collaboration functionality on the site that is going live with this post. Essentially, this add-on to the website will allow you to open the posts, drafts, chapters, or whatever else really and “edit” it.

For example, if you see a spelling mistake or grammar error in a sentence, instead of having to go to the comments, or try to hold on to the thought until you get there, you can simply edit the post and then read it with the option to make edits as you go. Once you’re done reading, simply submit your edits. This will save me hours if not days of work in regards to the finalization process, as well as give you an opportunity to not only fix errors or improve sentences, but to also add your ideas to the story as proposals back to me.

To use the new functionality, once you are logged in, you can go to your Dashboard, under the Profile menu, and you will now see Posts in the left side menu. You can read everything there (Use the COTK R3: Book 1: Draft filter at the top for the new series). In the list of posts, you will see an Edit option under each post and clicking on “Edit” will create your own copy of the chapter where you can both read and make any edits you see fit. Click the “Submit Revision” button with your edits when you’re done reading/editing a chapter and they will be sent in as suggestions to me, where I can then review them and move changes over to the original as I see fit.

This option is now available for you to use, and I highly suggest trying it out…

After this test run, I’m still considering whether or not to upload the other three finished rough drafts next.

So, for my own sanity, and to save you time, I want to be very clear that if something is marked as a rough draft, it’s a rough draft, it’s not the finished product. It doesn’t have grammar editing, it doesn’t have everything polished, everything is not completely thought out or finalized. It’s subject to being completely rewritten or just changed slightly. Once a chapter is finalized however, which happens around seven weeks later, it is final and will only be edited some again when the entire book is being finalized.

There is plenty of time for you all to give your thoughts or criticisms.

I do ask that you don’t just say something is bad. It’s extremely unhelpful and will just be ignored. Continued unhelpful comments will lead to your account being blocked. Examples: “This is bad” or “I didn’t like it.” (You can dislike it, but not telling me why you don’t like it isn’t helpful.)

Now, I know I can’t ever make everyone happy, but at least you’re all able to voice your opinion and be heard!

I hope you enjoy the first chapter. I look forward to reading your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas in your revisions as well as the comments.

Total Word Count: 751 words


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