Changelog 3/21/2019

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Unsurprisingly, stuff broke again. However, we fixed somethings and added new things that then broke other things in new ways.

  • The FAQ is now actually visible, and what’s more, users can’t just edit it whenever they feel like it.
  • More customization! Because there just weren’t enough fields for you to put info into in the OC Submissions. If there is something you would like to see added to the forms, let us know!
  • OC Character Submitters can no longer see commenters confidential information. Cause’ that was really bad! This happened because of dashboard admin issues concerning allowing users to use the dashboard. All fixed now, you can comment without fear!
  • You can love stuff now. We realized none of you were happy because there was no way for you to express your love, so we made a big button for you.
  • Comment threads no longer cut off at five replies. They cut off at ten…
  • Emails notifying you about replies are actually sending. At least… they were as of five minutes ago…
  • You can now complain in an orderly fashion. There’s a menu under the Member’s section in the main header bar menu that contains a button. This button will let you complain about anything you want… though we reserve the right to ignore your complaint if it’s not relevant. We aren’t going to buy any more cookies.

Stuff still broke…

  • Chakra collection and Youki collection are entirely messed up, and can’t currently be fixed. Don’t get attached to your youki though; we are going to steal it later.
  • Series menu navigation loves sticking its nose where it isn’t wanted, and only gets worse with every chapter post. We’ll get to this one soon, in the meantime, ignore it? It gets upset when you do that… maybe it’ll go away?
  • OC list doesn’t display more than a character’s name at the moment. Working on adding a picture and summary to the characters on the page.
Total Word Count: 341 words


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