Changelog 3/11/2019

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We’ve fixed stuff that’s broken, and added things that weren’t broken but will probably be shortly!

  • DARK MODE! We’ve got your dark mode, come get your dark mode! The button is on the top right, and bottom of the page content on mobile! Currently, menu buttons kinda vanish in dark mode, but who needs aesthetics anyway if you’re blind? Tweaks coming soon…
  • Support, support, support. You can now directly support this site by donating what you see fit here. (Support under the About menu)
  • Original characters. You can now submit original characters to potentially be used in COTK (or other stories in time), reviewed by other readers, and given comments and ratings. If a character is liked, it’ll most likely be added to the universe. Head over to the shiny new Dashboard under the Profile menu to submit your character! (more coming soon to the Dashboard as well!)
  • Chakra earning is now possible via posting original characters, and later on concepts, lands, societies, etc. Just make sure to add your characters to the Child of the Kaminoki category.
  • Email confirmation has now been fixed so you can join. Unless it broke again, in which case let us know by using the handy, dandy Contact form or messaging us on the discord server.
  • Yōkai collection has been fixed for authors.
  • History, ’cause you get lost sometimes. On the right sidebar, there is now a section that will show you your recently opened pages so you can return to your reading at any time.
  • Notifications… kinda. To get the required plugin to send you real-time notifications about new posts, responses to your comments, points gained, and ranks advanced. We need roughly 100 dollars…  However, for now, you will receive emails about such information. It can get really annoying, sorry.
  • You wanna rank up!? Currently, ranks do absolutely nothing for you. However, much is planned, so get as high as you can by commenting (50 Yen each comment). All Civilian rank information can be found here. (We know it’s kinda messy, sorry! Will get those badge images resized soon. Rank requirements can be seen by clicking “Read more…”
  • You can rate and like chapters/drafts! At the bottom of each post, there is an ability to rate it. If you aren’t going to comment, at least click the 5 star rating, please, really helps the author out, ya know?
  • Dumb stuff being a pain, no longer a pain! Hopefully. Contact form plugin was being a pain and sticking its nose where it wasn’t wanted… so we had to nuke it and get another one. This one will behave, ’cause it’s seen what happens to those that don’t follow orders!


  • The ability for readers to edit any post! See a grammar mistake? Edit yourself and your edits will be submitted as a revision, it will then be reviewed by the author and changed in the original story and fixed in the next draft. You will be able to remove sections, reorganize paragraphs or write entire parts you think are needed.
  • More original content… submissions. We plan to include ways for you to submit not only characters, but villages, societies, cultures, places, concepts, and ideas. You know… kinda like a forum?
  • A FAQ is on the way. Will probably have this one done soon, no worries.
  • Favorite fanfics! Everyone has things they like, and we are all readers here, so why not share that? Currently, on everyone’s profile there is a favorites tab, and currently it doesn’t do anything… yet. Soon, you’ll see a list of every post you’ve loved on the site, and we’ll be adding a Recommended tab that shows every one of your favorite fanfictions from!
  • Rate other peeps. We want readers to be able to rate other readers, and other ways for the community to reward each other are planned. However right now, there is a broken rating system on the profile that rates all the profiles. Oops?

Much more is planned. However, that’s the most current. Have a good day!

Total Word Count: 690 words


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