Chapter 23: World Method (COTK Book 1)

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“Now, where they at? Where they at?”

Dancing to a beat that only he could hear, Bee casually made his way toward the center of the training field. He didn’t bother to look around as he danced in place, waiting for his superior senses to inform him of an approaching team of Shinobi.

This was the location he’d been told to meet with a Squad of Shinobi…

“Doai? Do? Dorai?” Bee wondered aloud as he continued to dance, even twisting around in place for good measure. Bee could feel the backseat passenger in his mind roll their eyes, but he didn’t mind.

“You drive me crazy, oh! Don’t keep me waiting, oh!” Bee continued, carefree.

A minute passed by, and Bee abruptly came to a stop. Looking around the training field for the first time, as if hoping to see the Shinobi he was waiting for, Bee frowned.

“If they’re gonna keep me waiting, then they wack!”

Bee shook his head. Muttering to himself, he pulled a small notebook out of his Kunai pouch and quickly flipped through the crammed pages. After a couple of moments of searching for a clean page, Bee licked his finger and began writing on the page. Surprisingly, black ink was left behind as he rapidly traced Kanji.

Having finished taking notes, Bee slipped the notebook back into his pocket and folded his arms, a slight look of annoyance darkening his usually cheerful expression.

“Well, whats’ a bee’a supposed to do now’a?” Bee complained to the empty training field. “Bro ain’t gonna be pleased if I don’t keep to my promise.”

Truly beginning to get annoyed, Bee considered going after the One-Tails himself, without the team of Shinobi he was supposed to work with. I can’t risk losing this chance to capture the Prince o’ boyo… Ay would be so mad. Bee mused. Though, he wasn’t sure where to even begin looking for the Prince.

The One-Tail’s host is near… to the south, Bee.

Relieved, Bee turned himself to the south and vanished.

The ground he’d been standing on exploded into the air.

A split second later, he’d reached the rusted fence surrounding the training field, and effortlessly vaulted over it. Propelling himself through the air, Bee floated across the street and landed smoothly on the rooftop ahead of him.

He seems to be underground…

With a reckless disregard for safety that only came from possessing immense, unchallenged power, Bee darted across the rooftops, not even keeping an eye out for Suna Shinobi. What was there to be concerned about after all? His buddy Gyūki had the One-Tails locked down, all he had to do was follow em, nab the Prince, and get out of Suna.


Leaping across another street, Bee hollered his excitement at the sky as he ran.

“Look out One-Tails! I float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee!”

Unconcerned about damaging the rooftops, Bee let himself land with more force than was necessary. However, he didn’t stick around long enough to see the roof crash to the floor below.

“Cause’ I’m the Eight-tails, baby!”

Entrance Plaza, Sunagakure, Land of Wind, EN.

Sasori was struggling.

A rare occurrence, to the point that Sasori couldn’t recall the last time he’d been so utterly pushed to his limits. However, he doubted that he’d ever forget today.

He was down to a handful of puppets, his Human Reanimation Jutsu having long since ended. No longer able to hold a defensive perimeter of puppets, Sasori was forced to fight with his true body.

Despite seeing a puppet in a Jutsu’s path, Sasori was forced to focus elsewhere. Leaning back under a Kumo Shinobi’s spear, Sasori reached up and grabbed the pole of the spear, hauling himself upward. Quickly wrapping his forearm around the pole, Sasori strained and broke the spear in half.

Stumbling back, the Kumo Shinobi wasn’t prepared for Sasori to step forward and ram his spearhead through his chest.

Seeing that his puppet had been destroyed, Sasori grimaced in annoyance. Switching the chakra strings of his Salamander, Sasori ordered it rise from beneath the ground and kill the Kumo Shinobi sprinting at him from his right. Sasori didn’t turn to see the Shinobi die, but he heard them scream as his puppet sank its sharp metal teeth into their leg and pulled them under.

Scanning the battlefield for a threat, Sasori’s eyes widened as he saw Darui’s back facing him from across the raging battle. Baki was still locked in a fight against Darui, and Sasori could tell that his friend was losing against the Raikage’s second-in-command.

With a flick of his fingers, Sasori ordered his last white puppet to move. Obeying his commands, the puppet left its hiding place behind the remains of the First Kazekage Statue and flew over the battlefield.

As the puppet passed overhead, Sasori looked up and in doing so, made his first crucial mistake.

He’d taken his eyes off his enemies.

Hands flying through seals, a Kumo Shinobi rushed forward in an attempt to take advantage of Sasori’s brief lapse in focus. A dozen feet away from the Puppet Master, the Shinobi was forced to stop as an eight-armed puppet appeared in front of them. The Kumo Shinobi smirked and shouted his Jutsu.

The puppet was too late.

Screaming through the air, a singular bolt of lightning passed through Sasori’s shoulder.

The force of the Jutsu caused Sasori to stumble as he tried to fight through the pain. Losing control of his puppets entirely, Sasori gripped his bleeding shoulder with his other hand, straining to keep his eyes on his surroundings. Seeing his white puppet plummeting out of the sky, Sasori released his shoulder. Grunting from the pain, Sasori caught the threads of the puppet and ordered it to continue its course.

Straightening in mid-air, the puppet picked up speed as it tore through the air. Lifting its arm in front of it, the puppet detached its hand, a sword sliding out of its arm.

The puppet descended on Darui, and once it was in range, Darui simply stepped to the side and slashed his sword through the wooden frame. Baki tried to press an advantage, but Darui expertly freed his sword and fended Baki off.

“Sasori, fall back!” Baki shouted at his friend, seeing Sasori collapse to one knee, once again clutching his bleeding shoulder.

Looking up as he heard his name, Sasori saw Baki throw himself to the side to avoid being cleaved in two by Darui.

Baki was right, he couldn’t fight anymore, all of his puppets were gone. Kumo Shinobi were trying to reach him on all sides, barely held back by Suna Shinobi and puppets. He needed to move.

Sasori’s eyes widened as something wrapped around his stomach. Instinctively reaching for his Kunai pouch, Sasori groaned in pain, his arm completely unresponsive.

Before he could turn to look at what had hold of him, he was hauled through the air away from the battlefield. Sasori watched as a gigantic ball of lightning crashed into the ground, scorching the very sandstone of the plaza. Sasori knew instinctively that there had been enough chakra in that Jutsu to incinerate him alive.

Finally able to look at his savior, Sasori recognized it as one of Ochida’s puppets. After carrying him for several minutes, the face-less eight-armed puppet carefully set him down on a roof. Sasori nodded in thanks to the puppet, and a moment later, it went flying through the air as its master yanked on its strings.

Gritting his teeth, Sasori turned his head slowly and tried to assess his wound. At the same time, he suddenly felt lightheaded and sat down, though it was more of a semi-controlled collapse onto the rooftop. Straining his left arm behind his back, Sasori fumbled with his Kunai pouch.

After much struggle and pain, Sasori finally managed to work a scroll free of the pouch and held it up to his mouth. Using his teeth to grip the end of the scroll, Sasori unfurled it and laid it across his lap. He took care to hold his bleeding shoulder away from the scroll, so as to not damage the seals carefully etched into the surface of the scroll.

Pressing his hand against the seal, Sasori caught the wooden rod that appeared in a cloud of smoke out of mid-air. Putting the rod in his mouth, Sasori bit down on it and unsealed a bottle of clear liquid that he set on the roof beside him. The seal popped again a second later, and Sasori set the gauze next to the bottle before clumsily pushing the scroll off of his lap.

Haphazardly opening the bottle with one hand, Sasori struggled to pour only a little of the fluid on the gauze. Setting the bottle down, Sasori picked up the gauze and pressed it against the hole in his shoulder. His sleeve and the right side of his shirt was soaked with blood. Within moments, the gauze was similarly soaked, but the fluid had gotten into the wound.

He could tell from the increase in pain, and he bit down on the rod tightly to prevent himself from screaming.

Pressing his hand to the seal once again, Sasori grabbed the bandages that appeared in a puff of smoke and began to wrap them around the gauze and his shoulder. It was a shoddy job, but there wasn’t much he could do. If he wanted to use his shoulder again, he needed to find a Medic Nin, and quickly. However, he’d have to make it to a hospital for that. He risked being attacked, and he needed to be able to fight or at least flee. So the best he could do was clean it and bandage it.

As he waited for the pain to subside at least somewhat, Sasori looked back toward the battle raging in the distance. Ochida’s puppet had carried him quite far, but the battle was rapidly drawing closer as Kumo pushed back Suna’s defenses.

Where are you, Rasa? Goddamnit! We’re going to lose all of Suna at this rate!

Deep Underground, Sunagakure, Land of Wind, EN.

The coldness of the water around his fingertips made Kawaki shiver, and he pulled his hand free of the oddly shaped earthen jug. Wringing out the soaked cloth, Kawaki turned and headed back across his dark cave, the chakra crystal shining through his pocket guiding him.

As he neared the slab of sandstone he used as a bed, Kawaki slowed, keeping an eye on the sand wrapped around the boy on his bed. Once he was sure that the sand wasn’t going to leap out and attack him, Kawaki got close enough to gingerly lay the damp cloth on Naruto’s head.

Kawaki stayed still for a moment, and then slowly straightened. He wasn’t sure what caused Naruto to begin screaming and thrashing around in the sand, but he wanted to avoid being the cause of it if possible. Taking a few steps back, Kawaki realized he wasn’t even sure if Naruto had a fever. It didn’t seem like it, which made the damp cloth pointless.

However, he wasn’t sure what was wrong with Naruto. Even if he did know, Kawaki doubted he’d be able to do anything about it.

Seeing Naruto’s mouth moving, Kawaki moved closer and leaned down by Naruto’s head. Trying to make out the boy’s words, Kawaki straightened and shook his head. Whatever Naruto was saying, it was too quiet for even him to hear. More confused than ever, Kawaki turned toward Gaara and froze.

As he’d been for some time, Gaara was standing off in the shadows of the cave, way out of the range of Kawaki’s chakra crystal. However, upon turning, Kawaki had seen his crystal’s light reflected off of the redhead’s eyes. Gaara was staring at him.

Remembering to breathe, Kawaki bit the inside of his mouth, wondering whether asking Gaara another question was worth the chance of Gaara killing him in annoyance. His thoughts were cut short, however, as he saw Gaara glance up at the ceiling in the darkness. Following Gaara’s gaze, Kawaki was reminded that his home was going to collapse soon by the cracks splaying across the ceiling.

Is Gaara concerned that we’re going to be crushed under a cave in? Surely he could keep the cave from collapsing if he wanted? Kawaki wondered. His confusion was abruptly replaced by fear as Gaara returned to staring at him. Unsure what the redhead wanted, Kawaki slowly backed away from Naruto.

Gaara was never very vocal about his desires, Kawaki had learned that the first time he’d met Gaara. The memory was still vivid in his mind. He’d been walking down one of his tunnels when Gaara had walked out of the tunnel wall. He’d never forget the soul-gripping fear he’d felt when Gaara had slowly turned to him, fixing him with those emotionless pale-green eyes.

Kawaki shuddered.

Abruptly, Gaara turned away and began walking down the tunnel behind. Confused, Kawaki turned to Naruto, expecting to see the bed of sand making its way after Gaara. Instead, Naruto hadn’t moved, the sand still.

Looking back at the tunnel in confusion, Kawaki felt his stomach sink as he realized what Gaara wanted of him.

We can’t stay here though… the cave is going to collapse soon. Kawaki thought as he stared up at the ceiling, observing the ever-growing cracks. As if to prove his point, the walls of the cave shook again violently.

“The destroyers! They are coming!”

Kawaki jumped several feet in the air in shock, twisting around toward the source of the scream. Breathing deeply, Kawaki forced his heart rate to calm. He’d begun to get used to Naruto’s seemingly random outbursts, but Naruto had never actually said anything.

He said someone is coming? Kawaki thought as he hurried to Naruto’s side, the pale-skinned boy once again thrashing around wildly. The sand was quick to respond and tendrils rose into the air before quickly wrapping around Naruto’s wrists and ankles.

“What is happening to you, Naruto?” Kawaki asked quietly as Naruto began to calm. Unsurprisingly, there was no response.

Seeing that the damp cloth had fallen, Kawaki carefully picked it up. Walking around to Naruto’s head, Kawaki took special care to lay the cloth on Naruto’s forehead without touching Naruto.

He didn’t want whatever disease Naruto had.

When Ochida had first joined the Puppeteer Brigade, he’d been fourteen years old and nearly a Jounin. In recognition of his skill, he’d been given the prestigious offer of training to become a Puppeteer. He’d accepted, and on his first day of training, he’d told his instructor to stuff it and began reading the materials given to him.

He’d already known what he wanted to learn, and what he didn’t, when he’d accepted the offer.

As he’d expected, the instructor had become enraged at his disrespect for the puppeteering art and demanded he was kicked out for insubordination within a week. The demand had been accepted by the Puppeteer Brigade, and he’d ignored the scroll informing him he’d been kicked out.

Instead, he’d showed up anyway, and his instructor had attempted to remove him by force.

He’d easily rendered the man unconscious within a minute, and the order to kick him out had been retracted.

Before he’d been offered the chance to train to join the Puppeteer Brigade, he’d carefully studied them, wanting to increase his chances of joining. In doing so, he’d realized a Puppeteer’s ultimate weakness.

It was extremely difficult for a Puppeteer to both manipulate their puppet, and fight as themselves at the same time. It required a skill in multitasking that was nearly impossible to master.

Batting a lightning-infused Kunai out of the air with his clawed gauntlet, Ochida caught the strings of one of his favorite puppets and swung it through the air like a ball and chain.

Screaming through the sky, the ball-shaped puppet, covered in spikes, crashed into a Kumo Shinobi who was too slow to avoid the deadly puppet. Condensed Lightning shot through the air after the puppet and Ochida was forced to yank on the strings of his puppet, pulling it away from certain destruction.

A wise-ass Kumo Shinobi saw an opening and fired another Jutsu, aimed at the puppet as it flew back toward him. However, the lightning bolt missed, flying off wildly into the air as another puppet drove a blade through the Shinobi’s head.

Ochida nodded in thanks to the Puppeteer that had saved his puppet.

With a flick of his wrist, Ochida whipped his puppet through the air. The puppet crashed into a descending Kumo Shinobi, the Shinobi unable to do anything more than block as the puppet sent them flying back. Sidestepping a spear made of lightning, Ochida heard it tear through a wall behind him.

At his command the puppet shot into the sky, avoiding being cleaved in two by a Kumo Shinobi’s blade. Sadly, despite many puppets being extremely versatile, and many more being immensely complex in their design, all it took to ruin a puppet was one good hit, making them nothing more than useless junk.

Which was why when Ochida had joined the Puppeteers, he’d refused to rely on his puppets entirely.

Then he’d met Sasori, and seen the man’s incredible puppets. Capable of absorbing Jutsu after Jutsu and continuing on unbothered, the puppets were nearly unbeatable.

However, Ochida had already chosen his path in the puppeteering arts. One that had been written off by most Puppeteers as useless and not feasible in reality.

“Fall back, defend the hospital!” Ochida shouted at the Puppeteers under his command. As the brigade had rushed to reinforce the gate, Sasori had put him in charge of the south side of the defensive barrier. While the Kumo invasion had made its way into Suna faster than anticipated, Ochida had been surprised when they’d managed to hold the invasion in the plaza.

Everything had fallen apart, however, when Sasori and Baki had broken formation and gone for the Raikage’s second-in-command. A respectable move, but in doing so, the battle had changed for the worse.

Since then, Ochida and his men had been forced to give up ground, again and again, the Kumo Shinobi never letting up on the pressure. He’d only realized what they were after a few minutes ago.

The biggest hospital in Suna, where more of Suna’s Medic Nin were.

It was just the kind of strategic target bastards like Kumo would go for.

Ochida fucking hated Kumo and the entire Land of Lightning. They were the only Shinobi in the Elemental Nations that completely ignored the agreement that the first Kage had signed, which had been created by Hashirama at the end of the Warring States Era some thirty-odd years ago. Under that agreement, Medic Nins were non-combatants.

Kumo didn’t care about committing war crimes.

“Ochida-sama! Look out!”

Hearing Reijiro’s warning, Ochida’s senses kicked into a higher gear as he was unable to immediately locate the threat. A split second later, Reijiro appeared in front of him in a tremendous burst of speed. Ochida only glanced at the Junior Puppeteer, at the same time manipulating his ball-like puppet as another Kumo Shinobi attempted to destroy it.

A click of its internal mechanisms and Ochida’s puppet launched one of its blades through the air. With scarily accurate precision, the thin blade found its mark, impaling a Kumo Shinobi through the eye and ending his life.

Noticing Reijiro beginning to fall, Ochida caught his friend. He immediately could tell Reijiro was dead from the limpness of his body, and looking down, Ochida saw the Kunai buried in Reijiro’s chest.

Glancing up, Ochida found Reijiro’s missing tanto buried in a suddenly visible Kumo Shinobi’s throat. Falling backward, the dead Kumo Shinobi toppled over the side of the roof and crashed to the street below.

I fucking hate Genjutsu.

Slowly setting Reijiro down on the roof, Ochida stared at his friend’s calm expression. Good job, Reijiro, you took one of them down with you.

Ducking instinctively as a Jutsu roared overhead, Ochida glanced behind him to see that his men were following orders. They just weren’t moving fast enough. Kumo Shinobi had gotten past him, and were keeping up the pressure on his men.

If his men were going to re-establish a defensive line, they needed time.

“All of you, go! Defend that damn hospital!” Ochida roared at his men as he stood. The confusion was clear on his fellow Puppeteers’ faces, their concern for his safety obvious. Growling in annoyance at their loyalty, Ochida cursed and cut his connection to his puppets.

Leaping into the air, Ochida flipped over the Kumo Shinobi who’d tried to stab him in the back. Flicking his wrist, the blades hidden in his gauntlet slid free and locked into place. Grabbing the Shinobi’s head with one hand as he reached the crux of his jump, Ochida drove the blades through their head.

Landing on his feet, Ochida threw the limp body to the side and surveyed the Kumo Shinobi surrounding him. His men had finally turned entirely and fled at full speed, and as he’d hoped, the Kumo Shinobi had stayed behind. Ochida knew he was the greater threat, and the Kumo Shinobi would have orders to eliminate him. He had been banking on it.

The Kumo Shinobi inched closer.

“You’re done for!”

Ochida chuckled, and a dozen of the Kumo Shinobi finished their seals. Connecting to his last four puppets with both hands, Ochida ordered them out of their hiding places in the streets below. Whizzing through the air, the puppets rotated around him rapidly, shielding him from the rain of Jutsu with their bodies. The puppets were destroyed within seconds, but it was enough.

“I will show you why I am called the Steel Puppeteer.

Pulling the three hefty scrolls strapped to his belt free, Ochida tossed one into his mouth and used the other two to create the last seal required.

“Steel Secret Technique: Pharaoh’s Coffin!”

The roof shook as the scrolls exploded, obscuring him with smoke. Multiple Kumo Shinobi leaped back, unsure as to what he’d done. A moment passed, and unimpressed, one of the Kumo Shinobi spat a simple Wind Jutsu at the smoke cloud, dissipating it.

Upon scattering the smoke to the wind, a colossal coffin was revealed. Standing upright, the coffin towered over the Kumo Shinobi. Every surface of the coffin was covered in gold and steel, seemingly depicting a sleeping man inside. Lastly, the coffin was wrapped in thick chains, which overlaid row upon row of seals across the Coffin’s surface.

The silence ended as the same Kumo Shinobi released another Jutsu, a lightning bolt, at the coffin. In response, a chain snapped free and batted the Jutsu out of the air.

In quick succession, all of the chains snapped free, slamming into the rooftops nearby and forcing the Kumo Shinobi to dodge.

The front of the coffin fell outward, shaking the ground as it hit.

With the slowness unique to something of gigantic proportions, a huge boot emerged from the darkness of the coffin, the ground rattling as it took a step forward. The boot was soon followed by a huge giant, entirely made of steel.

The gargantuan puppet carried two weapons. A crook in one hand, and a flail in the other. Upon its head, it wore a Pharaoh’s headdress, similarly made of steel. Hidden deep within the puppet’s chest was Ochida, sitting cross-legged as he manipulated it.

Flicking his finger, the puppet swung its right arm, raking the flail across the rooftops, destroying them. Kumo Shinobi scattered in every direction, trying to get out of the puppet’s reach. Taking a step forward, the steel puppet kicked a building, sending it flying through the air.

“There are more puppets!”

Ochida grinned, a rarity for him, as the Kumo Shinobi noticed the rest of his Jutsu.

Sasori was a master of the puppeteering art, and Ochida would never challenge that. However, sometimes he felt that Sasori couldn’t see the most obvious solution to a problem. With the weakness of a Puppeteer being that they relied on their puppets too much, the obvious solution was, of course, to put the Puppeteer inside the puppet.

For most puppets, this was impossible, and even for ones it was possible, it didn’t tend to be safe, or feasible.

So Ochida had done something no Puppeteer had before.

His fingers blurred as he manipulated dozens of small, beetle-like puppets across the rooftops, the puppets pouring out of the coffin. Scurrying across the rooftops, the beetles went after the disorganized Kumo Shinobi as his Steel Puppet kept them running.

Swinging its crook through the air, the gigantic Pharaoh destroyed yet another building, forcing a team of Kumo Shinobi to flee or be crushed. With the Shinobi unable to dodge, Ochida easily slaughtered them with his beetles, lying in wait on the streets below.

Ochida grimaced as his Pharaoh stumbled forward, a powerful Jutsu having smashed into its back. Straining to keep the puppet balanced, Ochida turned it around and slammed its flail into the building the Kumo Shinobi was standing on. Unable to do anything more than leap away, the Shinobi couldn’t dodge the beetle puppet that leaped up from the street below and buried its mandibles in his neck.

Entrance Plaza, Sunagakure, Land of Wind, EN.

Parrying Darui’s downward swing, Baki tried to extend the length of his wind blade and impale Darui through the chest. However, Darui lightly stepped to the side, avoiding the attack entirely.

Baki felt like a Genin battling a Kage.

Darting forward, Baki was forced to retreat immediately, unable to break through Darui’s impeccable guard.

Roaring with exertion, Baki charged forward once again, trying to trick Darui with a feint to the right. He failed to fool Darui yet again, Darui’s sword somehow appearing in his way inches from his throat.

Suddenly forced to defend as Darui began pressing his attack, Baki realized that Darui was playing with him. He’d fought countless Kenjutsu users in his life, and he’d won every time. While some had pressed him more than others, Baki had always prided himself on his mastery of Kenjutsu.

Despite that, Darui was far superior.

Forced to give ground once again, Baki realized he’d never given up this much ground in a Kenjutsu fight in his life.

Barely moving quickly enough to block another strike from the Kumo Commander, Baki poured chakra into his arms, shoving Darui backward.

“Why are you attacking us?” Baki shouted.

Not having stumbled in the least, Darui immediately returned to his assault, and Baki was forced to block yet another strike to his head. Gripping his blade with his left hand, Baki struggled to hold back Darui’s sword. The pressure vanished suddenly, and Baki stepped backward instinctively, expecting another attack.

Instead, Darui let his sword rest on his shoulder.

“The Stone of Legends.”

Baki’s eyes narrowed as he blocked Darui’s swing, suddenly locked in a contest of strength with the Commander.

“It… was… destroyed!” Baki grunted through gritted teeth. Darui seemed to almost shrug, and Baki stumbled as Darui let go of his sword. Immediately trying to take advantage of Darui’s lack of a weapon, Baki swung wildly for Darui’s chest.

Ducking under the invisible wind blade, Darui straightened and kicked Baki in the chest, sending the Jounin flying back.

Turning and casually walking over to his sword, Darui kicked it into the air with his foot and caught it by the handle. Twirling it through the air, as if getting used to the weight of it, Darui laid in on his shoulder and turned back to Baki.

Desert Outside of Suna, Land of Wind, EN.

Once a Jounin of the Land of Wind, and now as the Kazekage of the country, Rasa had seen many horrible things in his life. But the sight of smoke rising into the sky over Suna’s walls made his heart sink as few things had before.

Few could match the speed Rasa was already running at. To most experienced Jounin, he was little more than a blur on the surface of the desert, and yet Rasa still managed to move faster. The desert sand kicked up dozens of feet into the air in his wake, becoming the only indication of his passing.

Traction at this speed was beginning to fail him, and Rasa poured chakra into the soles of his feet, steadying himself. Sensing someone to his right, Rasa looked over at Kanade in surprise. The Kunoichi was matching his speed.

I seem to have gotten out of practice, Rasa realized.

Holding out a hand in front of her, Kanade began to rapidly create hand signs.

“Do we climb the walls?”

Rasa shook his head.

Since verbal communication at this speed was impossible, he was forced to reply in the same manner.

“We have to go through the front gate. The walls cannot be climbed with chakra.”

Kanade nodded in understanding, and Rasa was about to look back toward Suna when he saw Kanade pull the folded up war fan strapped to her back free. Giving her a look of confusion, Rasa watched as Kanade flew through hand seals and then pressed the war fan against her back.

As Kanade held out her hand to him, Rasa finally realized what she was doing and took her offered hand without hesitation. Flicking her free hand, Kanade caught the small fan that shot out of her sleeve and opened it. A second later, the war fan on her back opened up.

“Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique!”

Striking toward the ground beneath her feet with her fan, Kanade propelled herself upward, hauling Rasa into the air after her. Narrowly clearing Suna’s walls, they continued to rise and within seconds, were hundreds of feet in the air. Rasa felt Kanade adjust her grip on his arm, but he wasn’t paying attention.

His focus was on the city far below. The destruction was catastrophic.

From his bird’s eye view, he could see how far Kumo had made it into Suna. His men had managed to keep the Kumo invasion from getting too far into the eastern side, but the western front had been pushed far into Suna.

Rasa’s eyes widened as he realized where the Kumo Shinobi were heading.

They’re going for the hospital! Bastards!

Tapping Kanade’s arm, Rasa began to plummet rapidly out of the sky, Kanade having released her grip.

I will show you why attacking my city was a mistake, Kumo!

“Magnetic Release: World Method!” Rasa roared.

Chakra exploded out of Rasa’s outstretched hands. Almost instantly, the chakra reached the ground a hundred feet below.

Rasa felt his chakra merge with the gold dust hidden beneath Suna, scattered across numerous enormous vaults. Responding to his command, the gold dust began to stir.

Several buildings across Suna exploded.

Gold dust shot through the air, flying up toward Rasa as he continued to fall.

Rasa slammed his palms together, activating the next stage of his Jutsu.

The gold dust fractured.

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